Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Over the River and Through the Woods. .

To Grandmother's house we go!!!
Kadon and Ryder (AKA the curly headed monster!)
One of my favorite childhood memories is of holidays at my paternal grandparents house!
Dylan, Haley, Taryn, and Cami. .Best Friends!
My grandparents had 6 kids. .
who in turn had 14 grandkids. .
The oldest 7 of us were much like these guys in age. .
And equally as rowdy. .if not a little worse!
We could all fit in the same room to open gifts in Grandma's new house!
When we all got together. .
it was loud!!
 I mean. .
So loud. .
that to be heard. .
 the adults yelled their conversations to each other. .
Devin and Trey (the real monster. .don't turn your back. .he's SUPER fast!)
And that was even after all the kids had been exiled to the basement to rough house and play "broken-toy" dodge ball or pool!!
I thought that was normal!! So normal, that I remember being very shocked after eating with Jeremy's family for the first time. .they were very orderly and quiet. .None of the chaos that I was used to!
Can't wait to see what Tristan masters with this book!
I'll admit, I'm a little partial to the noise that renders you unable to make a clear thought in your head. .
so I have enjoyed all the busy-ness and commotion that goes on at our family gatherings with all of my siblings and their families!
Grant LOVED his new new hot rod metal sign for his room!
As usual, the kids started asking early that week. .
WHEN are we going to open presents at Grandmas. .
a reply of "this weekend" wasn't nearly detailed enough!!
Look out wild beasts. .Uncle Chris + hunting store gift card = bad news 4 U!!
Our habit has been to start with the youngest; letting them open their gifts and then moving along the line. .That now makes me next to the LAST!! I think I'll call for a new methodology in 2013!!
Because there are so many of us. .
we draw names to extend the fun!!
My two brothers drew each other. .
but the laugh was on them. .
as their wives corroborated and bought them each a cookbook from one of their favorite shows. .
America's Test Kitchen!
Two thumbs up for these boys!
I glanced through one. .
The authors apparently spend a lot of time and effort coming up with a recipe to make THE PERFECT. .
The perfect hamburger, the perfect pie crust, the perfect cornbread etc!
They were thrilled. .
and hopefully they will try out some recipes on us at the next family function!
Since I was next to the last. .
it was really no wonder that my OLD eyes thought Tina had gotten Kristi a fancy sign that said "FART!"
I stood corrected though, as she turned the sign just in time for me to catch a picture. .
and read that it actually said "FAITH!
Actually, Jeremy had the camera. .and took many of our showcased shots today!
I was the lucky girl to get TWO new watches!!
I have a serious watch fetish. .
And Kristi contributed to my habit nicely!!
We were pretty excited to get grandma. .
a new Nook color for Christmas!!
Apparently the state of Kansas library system is offering digital book loans. .
so she needed to learn how to use it!!
I think she loves it!!
As always, our traditional appetizer based supper. .
contained WAY more cream cheese than one collection of arteries should be allowed in a 4 hour grazing session!
But. . .
In my childhood days, the adults used to gather for a pitch-playing tournament after the meal. .
We continued that tradition in our early family gatherings. .before there were so many kids. .
then we started playing board games. .
The past few years has been just more conversation than anything else. .
Whoop, Whoop!!
But, I'm afraid a new tradition is starting. .
After dinner DANCING!!
Grandma got a Wii before Thanksgiving. .
and Kristi has brought her "Just Dance" series to the last two get-togethers. .
She, seriously, isn't half bad!! We think she may practice when everyone else is sleeping! She'll never tell!
Which, has ultimately led to several old women. .
thinking they were TOO sexy!!
But a great way to burn off some cream cheese and pie!
Colton, Dev, and Braedon. .too cool for dancing!
Not everybody feels inclined to join us though!
And. .
more than once we were advised. .
"Wow. .you are reaaalllly bad!" (mostly by cool teenage kids)
So. .
Look out cool teenage kids who need prom dates. .
Mama's gonna be ready. .

Enjoy your week!


  1. This is how holidays at my grandparents where..VERY LOUD! I'm pretty sure my grandad sat quietly in his chair, smoking his pipe, secretly plotting his escape, but he never actually did it ;)

  2. haHa...the dancing queens strike again! Will we be getting a video of that?

  3. I had to laugh at you saying that you are next to last for opening presents. At Jeremy's parents, his mom likes for the kids to go from youngest to oldest opening one gift at a time so that everyone can see what each other got. Before they started this year, Preston very politely asked if we could reverse the order this year, because "I have only gotten to go first one time...before any of the other kids were born." Grandma couldn't argue with his logic and his polite plea! He got to go first....but that meant that I had to go LAST out of the adults because I am the youngest. I enjoy all the "noise" associated with the holidays too!

  4. Thanks again for a story that made me laugh out loud at work. :) I know that our boys would have loved the dodge ball games we used to have with those really hard broken toys at grandmas! Good times!! I still think the best picture is the one of you and Tina striking your pose. :)