Tuesday, January 22, 2013

ANOTHER Project!

So. .the new news here. .
is that we will be adding on a sunroom/study/library off of our bedroom soon.
I am super excited about that. .
it means a quiet place to get away from the hustle and bustle of our life. .
it means a place to unload all of our books so we can see them and get to them. .
it means a place where I can cuddle up and watch nature in a wind protected garden. .
it means a place where I can lay out my bibles and workbooks to study God's word. .
it means a quiet place to stomp around and exercise at 6 am (Kelsey assures me that we can super-insulate). .
What it has also  meant. .
was that I had to get a plan finalized in my mind . .
and in doing this. .
I have found myself a regular OCD type visitor to pinterest over the last 2 weeks. .
Unfortunately, I get little else done. .so I can't wait until my plans are good because Pinterest is NOT a good place for me to spend all day ;-)
FORTUNATELY, I HAVE found many ideas that will be reproducible in making the room of my dreams!
In the meantime, I found a REALLY cool idea over the weekend. .
and took some steps to re-create the idea in my house!
Before I even discovered THIS particular idea; I called my friend Marlene last week.
You see, when we moved my mom last fall, I re-inherited my wedding dress out of her attic where I had stored it. Several years ago, when they sold my maternal grandparents house. .I inherited my grandmother's wedding dress, her veil, grandpa's suspenders, their wedding photo, and a letter my grandma sent to my grandpa in 1942. .the year of their wedding. I had Marlene make a shadow box with the items and it is hanging on my bedroom wall. I had the brainstorm last week to have her frame my wedding memorabilia into a similar box. .to use in my room after the makeover. She agreed and will work on it this spring! 
So when the idea of taking photos of my DAUGHTER in MY wedding dress NOW came up on Pinterest. .
I couldn't even wait a week!
Cami was more than happy to oblige, at least for a little while. .
The excitement in her eyes as she saw her 1st glance of the dress was almost more than I could stand!
We took the photos in her room. .primarily because it has a nice dark hardwood floor. .
With the overhead light on, the colors weren't as pretty. .
But. .if I want to blow these up to apply to canvas. .
another pinterest idea. .
I think they will be grainy because the lighting was so dim. .
and only sidelight from her north facing window.
She quickly grew bored with the itchy dress. .
The hat that kept falling off. .
And her mom's insistence that she be still. .
I want Grant to photograph her too. .
in the hopes that he might get a good fair entry!
She promised me that she would do it ONE more time. .
If I give her Hershey kisses and chocolate covered cherries. .
her two poisons of choice!!
I'm more than thrilled with the poses we got. .
despite the lighting issues, which we can hopefully correct next time. .
I also want to play with the black and white settings and color swap on my camera!
So wish us luck. .
Even if we don't do another picture. .
I will still love giving her a photo from yesterday as a wedding gift someday!!
Come back later this week to see what is growing in the greenhouse!
Happy Tuesday!


  1. What a beautiful little bride!! I keep thinking I need to do something with mine. It seems so sad just hanging up in the closet. I love what you did with your grandmothers dress!
    I was just going to pass mine down to my daughter. That plan didn't pan out so well. ;)

  2. Ohh, she looks like a little Mel in that dress. What a cute idea!


  3. That is so precious. What a fun idea.
    How large will the shadowbox display be with a dress in it? I'm picturing a large display.
    Your new room sounds awesome. I remember when we could unbox all our books in our downstairs office. WH and his father made some mega shelves and we could finally find what we wanted when we wanted.
    I have not been pulled into pinterrest yet.

  4. What an awesome idea!! Even more so if she decides to get married in your wedding gown. I'll bet that was so fun taking those photos...and she looks so precious!! Very, very sweet idea! Thanks for sharing these pics!

  5. That quiet place will be SO nice!! I often wish I had incorporated some sort of sitting room in our master. I am always so worried about waking up the kids if I am up before them reading or studying...therefore I don't do it as much as I should.

    The pics of Cami in your dress are precious! I have been wanting to do this with Cambree for quiet some time, so I might just have to bust out the dress this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration...I also think it would be great to record some of the things she says while having it on to give back to her with a picture on her wedding day!! Probably good for some laughs!

  6. Very cute pictures! What a neat idea.

  7. This is totally fun! If nothing else, you and Cami made fun memories!

  8. I too have been wanting to break out the wedding dress to take the girls pics in. Cami's turned out great! I love the one of her praying!