Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas Recap!

Oh My!!
I've been on a blogging hiatus. .
From mine. .and everyone else's!!
My  major blogging time comes from my down time at my health department job. .
I am contracted. .
so when clients have to cancel appointments. .
or flat forget to come. .
I am just there. .
with NOTHING to do. .
It's amazing how much reading, writing, researching, and studying I can get done in 2 minutes here. .
or 10 minutes there.
And since the last two holidays were on Tuesday. .
my usual work day there. .
I have been on break. .
or rather. .
a break from PAID work!!
These knotheads will start back to a week of normal routines again today!
We had a great Christmas. .
and the New Year has arrived. .
bringing with it still more germs. .
germs that are apparently immune to mega doses of Vitamin C!
Poor Me!
This crazy kid has learned how to repair holes in walls. .
not fist holes. .
more like nail holes, dart holes, bow and arrow holes. .
and had the good fortune of enjoying the art of
re-painting the walls in the upstairs bedroom he and Devin share.
We have discovered him to be quite an artist. .
and since he was able to uncover his Christmas gifts from the bottom of the sludge he accumulates in his room. .
I am hoping that he will start doing some pencil drawing in the new binder he got for Christmas.
He did decide, however, that painting walls is NOT a great use of his artistic ability. .
so hopefully, he will be a little more careful in how he manages his room from now on!
This one reported yesterday. .
that the pickup is finished!! They have driven it down the road a time or two. .
The windshields are in. .
as are the seats. .
so it is a go. .
He is recovering well from a little surgery done New Year's Eve to fix some abnormal blood vessels that were causing him pain. .
And his demeanor is more like his dad's every SINGLE day!!
Poor Me!
This one has decided that it stinks to be the younger brother. .
and is looking forward to his mean older brothers moving out. He thoughtfully bought his mom a new cookbook at their book fair before Christmas using his own money. .When I figured out menus for the month of January. .I was able to add in several of the new recipes. .
The book??
Cheesy, Cheesy, Quick and Easy. .
starring. .
Cheese. . and Macaroni. .
the verdict from the consumers?? Not sure yet! but they're darn sure Quick. .
AND easy!!
This one. .
was thrilled to find a new fluffy robe with a hood under the tree. .
just like her mama's (well, without the wild polka dots!)
Her out of control, fuzzy bed-head hair scored her a new haircut last week. .
It's still long enough for a pony. .but curly enough now that she wants to wear it down!
Just short of a year now, she got her ears pierced on the way to Grandma and Papas. My dad looked at those earrings and said "Mel, you're growing her up too fast!" I think he'd be pretty amazed at how grown up she looks now! Sometimes I just have to watch her. .and wonder where the time goes!
This one. .whined about why I had a nice workout mat. .
and his was flat. .
and nasty!!
So Devin wrapped him up a nice fluffy mat to use for his workouts!
He is VERY glad to be done with Grant's pickup. .and on to some of his own projects! Racing season is only 2 short months away. .and he can hardly wait!
We enjoyed a little snow on Christmas day. .
And a little more on New Year's Eve. .
In fact, enough that the kids enjoyed sledding and snowballs. .
and it has been cold enough that even a week later, we are still sporting some leftover snow and the snow forts!
We enjoyed lots of family time. .
lots of sugar. .
And even some extra rest!
And as if we hadn't had enough treats at Christmas time. .
I have spent some extra time doing a little more baking this past week!
With all my stuff caught up. .
I spent Saturday baking Kolaches, a Czech treat that my maternal grandma used to make!
It was my first time to ever make them. .
and actually. .
the first time I have eaten them since before she died years ago.
They were delicious. .not nearly as pretty as hers. .but just as tasty for sure!
So that is the latest on us. .
I did want to share some photos taken at our Christmas with mom. .
Much of my "far away" family reads my blog regularly. .
so those will be coming along this week too. .
And then. .
hopefully. .
the little project I worked on for my sisters before Christmas!
Enjoy your week!


  1. Hi Melanie,

    Sorry to hear that there was so much buginess going through your household. Looking at the liveliness of the sprogs I would expect to see you and hubby asleep in every photo. Looks like you all had a great time anyway. Be good all of you!

  2. I thought for sure that once I was home again I would have more time for blogging, but I always manage to find something around here that needs done. By the time I usually sit down and think about my blog, I am too tired to upload and write!! Looks like your family had a great Christmas...hope you all feel better in 2013! And I am still looking forward to taking a ride in Grant's pickup :)

  3. Jacob was very impressed with Grants truck!
    Cami has grown up A LOT lately! I catch myself looking at her and smiling! Amazing how fast time goes.