Friday, October 26, 2012

They're Pumpkins. .Incognito!!

Decorating pumpkins for the school's pumpkin contest has ALWAYS been a big thing around our house. .
There's something fun about doing an art project on the big 'ole punkins!! This year was no different; and Cami got to make one for preschool too!
Double trouble!!
I thought they turned out sooo cute.
We didn't really know what we were up to until we sat down with it.
I found some cute little sparkly foam flower stickers at Walmart last week. .which is what we eventually went with. .I saw some cute modge-podged punkins online. .but she wasn't biting. .may have to try some ALL by myself!! The sparkles won her attention!
She worked for an hour with a small paint brush and some off white paint. .
I prefer to think that I was helping her develop fine motor skills by letting her use a small paint brush (instead of prolonging the peace and quiet by making her use a small paint brush)!
We came up with lots of possibilities for Dev's pumpkin. .We ended with the idea to use candy (licorice, jelly beans, and a circus peanut nose) to make a witch on the pumpkin.
BUT. .
while searching the internet. .I came up with Mike from monster's inc. .and knew he would love that because his initial idea was to make an alien pumpkin!!
He loved. .L-O-V-E-D the idea when he saw the photo. .
and I gotta say. .
His turned out pretty cute too!!
Other than outlining the teeth for him with permanent marker, cutting the foam hands and feet, and helping him glue the appendages on. .He did the whole thing himself. .
In fact, we had to take his picture later that evening because he burned his finger with the hot glue gun, and tragically, couldn't smile after that at all!!
Cami didn't mind though,
it gave her some one on one time with Mike!
Have you started eating Halloween candy already??
I'll NEVER tell!!


  1. LOL! We always buy Halloween candy for the trick or treaters that have never shown up in 5 years of living here.
    Love the pumpkins--so creative (like I was expecting LESS from you guys???)

  2. I'm a Halloween scrooge. I was kind of happy no on in my house even MENTIONED the decorating contest this year. ;)

  3. Oh oh oh, I LOVE the Mike pumpkin!!! I might show that to my kiddos. Well, maybe...I've been sick so we haven't even started with costumes yet. *sigh* Easy button?

  4. Cute pumpkins! I always love to hear what my kids have in mind for their pumpkins. It's a lot of work sometimes, but it does make for some good memories!!