Friday, October 12, 2012

Alive. .and Well!

Hey. .Hey!
Just a little note to let everyone know that we are still alive. .
and well!!
(I always worry about people when they stop blogging for a long time)
We are squishing all the goo out of life around here!
I have loved this little blogging habit of mine for nearly 3 years now!!
But. .
My heart isn't here right now.
I find myself on a quest. .
a quest for knowledge. .
a quest for healing. .
 on a mission of spiritual growth!!
I am leading a bible study (for my first time ever) on raising responsive children. .
Our Sunday school class just started a Beth Moore study on the Book of James. .
In my commutes to Oklahoma, I am studying the book of Hebrews with James MacDonald. 
And, I continue to help shepherd between 15-20 high school kids on Wednesday night. .
It's a fabulous ride. .and the changes in me are good. .
And for the moment. .
Those studies have taken the place of my blog in heart.
I won't be gone forever. .and may even be able to pen a few things weekly. .
The kids remain busy. .
Football season is winding down. .
as parents of a sophomore;
 Jeremy and I find ourselves in the concession stand often helping the kids raise money for prom next year. 
Basketball season will be a quieter one here. .
neither high school kid here is planning on playing. They will both report to their dad after school to help mechanic in the shop. .
which will be good. .
as Grant and his dad plan on putting the finishing touches on his 1950-something pickup. .
and Tristan has become (in the last 2 days) the proud owner of a little 1984 step side custom painted, new engined- new trannied pickup (that I was advised was a veeeerrrrryyy good ebay deal!) They'll both need to be working off some expenses in that shop!!
Devin and Cami are growing. .
and I have told Cam that if she doesn't stop growing, she is not far from NOT fitting on my lap! She insists that she will keep growing. .
If she does, I will have to have someone beat the boys off of her. .
the conversation from her daily is about her "boyfriend" (who doesn't know it) and about the little boys who want her to be their girlfriends. .
As I keep telling her she is too young for boyfriends. .
she keeps saying "I know". .
and I keep getting the vibe that she KNOWS. .
but she doesn't CARE! 
Any of my gray hair that remains on my head after these boys are raised. .
will totally fall out when we get to her!!
So. .
with all that being said. .
I want everyone to know how much I have appreciated your sweet comments. .
both online and in real life. .
I hope you will come back every once in a while to check up on us. .
But most of all. .
No worries. .
Because. .
we are alive. .
AND. .
Well. .
And now. .I'm headed to pack my bag for a trip to Oklahoma City tomorrow to watch. .
Check mark off my bucket list!!
Have a great weekend, friends!!


  1. I got a good chuckle out of that Cami story!

    Like you, I have enjoyed my blog greatly, but right now I have just been living life and not writing about it!

    I miss it at times, but it feels good not to be so tied to it. I have gotten lots of projects done and my house is a little less messy these days!!

    That study about kids sounds interesting. I have really been struggling with Preston lately and have spent more time in prayers and in tears than I ever imagined at this point.

    Enjoy your break!!

  2. Well, I was beginning to wonder about you a bit but know how busy life is at your house. Enjoy your trip and those growing children.

  3. Hi Melanie-sounds like a wonderful period of change in your life. I know you always fill your life with precious family time. Enjoy!
    And the trip sounds like a lot of fun. Take care and know we will always check back with you.

  4. Have a wonderful trip Melanie. You have to go where life takes you and God guides you. Don't leave us for too long.

  5. =) Hope you have fun!
    I've kind of stepped back from mine too, only posting when I WANT to, not feeling like I HAVE to, if that make sense. I love my blog, and maybe when life slows just a little bit it will get easier. Life is just crazy crazy right now, and I'm ready for the winter lull of not having sports!

  6. Oooo, I bet Les Mis was totally worth the drive! Your new focus sounds like a great, great plan. You just blog whenever you get the time. Seasons. I'm feeling it too. :)