Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hello Fall, I've Missed You!

It is really starting to feel like fall around our part of the world. .
We have had a few mornings in the low 40's. .
which reminds me that I will HAVE to move my houseplants back in soon. .
like this week!
Grant. .number 80
Lots of football games. .Both varsity and JV are having fairly good seasons thus far. .
I don't make a very good football mom. .
I've never been a fan of the game (a lot because of my experience with it through the emergency department). .
It's all I can do to keep track of my kids. .
and the ball. .
and I can almost NEVER do that at the same time!!
Tristan number 61, on the left side
Jeremy tries to talk about the game after the fact. .what needs improvement, what went awry. .
It's mostly like a foreign language to me!!
In fact. .at one of the recent JV games. .
Grant got hit. .I didn't SEE the hit. .
but I did see his legs writhing around on the other side of the field. .
Because I am a medical provider, I am allowed. .and expected down on the field with injuries. Usually I wait a bit to see how things will play out. .Not with my own kid. .
I was down on the field in two blinks of an eye. .
The only words that Grant said to me when I appeared by his side were. ."Get out of here!!!" And the words the opposing coach said to me were so large I don't even remember what they were. .I blinked at him and asked him to speak so I could understand him. ."He got the wind knocked out of him" he replied. "Thank you sir" was my response. .and I walked back to my bench, feeling a little silly!!
One more month of regular season games, and then I will be able to breathe easier for sure. .
Last week was homecoming. .
Here is the sophmore float. .
They used Jeremy's generator to blare the song "Cotton-eyed Joe" as they came down the street. .
Very clever, I thought. .
Tristan is sitting on the hay bale right above the letter "I."
The freshman class on their float. .
Though Grant chose to ride the float that featured the football players.
See him on the back side?
Last week Wednesday was the annual See you at the Pole. For those unfamiliar with this tradition. .It is a function held before school. .students, faculty, pastors/leaders, and parents gather at the school's flag pole for a time of prayer and worship. As a youth group leader, I attended my first SYATP event. It was a blessing to stand at the flag pole, in the early morning crisp-ness to sing praise to God for his abundant blessings and offer our school, it's students and faculty, and our community to the Lord!
The same day, Keith Becker, from Todd Becker Foundation came to address the high school students, and those from surrounding area schools to challenge them to live their lives on the narrow road referred to in the book of Matthew (7:13-14). He retold the step by step process that his brother Todd took in high school, starting on the narrow road. .and how he ended up on the wide road. .the road to destruction. He captivated the students with the story of how each choice led to consequences that eventually changed his life. .a little bit at a time. .until. .
Todd's life ended in death at the hand of a drunk driver that he was riding with. .
while also intoxicated. .
a mere 3 months before he was slated to graduate from high school!
That same evening, Keith addressed the students as well as the community, but his story was different. The story he told Wednesday evening was how Keith had found a real relationship with God after the traumatic events of his younger brother's death.
Incredible story. .Incredible changes. .
incredible challenges!!
God, when He is allowed to work in and through people. .is INCREDIBLE!!
The weekend found us headed back to my mom's for a quick visit. .and to take in all the hometown activities that they had planned. .The theme was dedicated to 100 years of library service. .and my mom. .who works as a librarian. .was the float driver.

Their library is housed in an old train depot that has been restored. .so there were lots of train floats that day. Cami got to throw candy with her three girl cousins. .(Grandma lets them take turns riding on the float, which has become a big deal for the kids!) She is the one in the yellow shirt, with her hair a-flyin'.
The float of 1967 was missing our favorite classmate this year. .and I'm sure that (since he hasn't missed a reunion in 45 years) they missed him as much as we did!
Things just aren't the same without him. .
but then. .
I guess they aren't supposed to be!
Mom has gotten most of the finishing touches placed on her house. .and we enjoyed a birthday party for my grandma. .who turned 89 on Sunday. The kids love grandma's yard. .and riding scooters on the sidewalk. .and taking excursions down the street to the park. Devin was super excited to have his very own company Saturday. .Grandma's across the street neighbor boy came over especially to see him, and he enjoyed some time to ride bikes to the park. .like a big kid!!
The best thing of fall to me. .
is to let the cares of this world drift away. .
as I enjoy crisp mornings that start. .
with a view like this!!
Enjoy your week!!


  1. What I know about football is they're suppose to get the ball to their goal. Seems way too complicated all the steps to get it there. Ha! Hang in there mom/medic!
    I sure hope fall is nice to us after the horrid summer.

  2. I have GOT to get my poor plants moved in tonight. I bet they are screaming.
    I love football! But--I am thinking this kid on each team thing is for the birds. If I have to eat one more stinking walking taco...

  3. I was thinking of you when Mom said she and the girls went to OSD parade. I can't believe your dad never missed a reunion! Of course, it helps when you stay in the same town you grew up in....

  4. I felt kinda lost at the parade this year. This was the first time in FOREVER I didn't have a child performing, floating, riding in a golf cart as a candidate, football player etc... sigh. I don't miss the bruises, aches and pains that came home on Friday nights but I do miss seeing my boys on the field. We are thankful Brett is coaching, it gives us a reason to sit in the stands!

    I'm glad your kids are finding your mom's new home fun.. that will make her very happy.