Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Little Family Road-Trip

So my sister and her family were in town over the weekend. .
they are on fall break from school. .
so we enjoyed them for a nice, long visit!!
Friday we took them down to Alabaster Caverns. .
which their 3 boys  had never seen.
It was cold and windy outside. .
so we were all glad to be in the shelter of the cool cave. .
The caves are an incredible wonder. .
made even cooler this time. .
by these guys and girls!!
It's bat season in the caves. .
and I must say, that made it feel a bit more like Halloween!
I've never been there in the fall, which is prime bat season. .
We saw a lot of bats. .some even close enough to touch. .
and a few times, we had to duck in a reflex maneuver to avoid their little flying selves!!
I won't lie. .
they totally creeped me out. .
but I enjoyed seeing their nasty little rodent-like bodies all the same!
The kids, as you  might imagine. .
loved them!! Even Cami!
After our cave tour, we enjoyed a sort of chilly picnic. .
and then some hiking! Gorgeous, isn't it??
It was a good place to run off their over-abundant energy!
Anytime that we have ever been to the caves it has been really hot. .
so we had never explored any of the trails. .
There were several to choose from. .
but we really only had time to do one.
We found ginormous boulders to climb. .
A little stream with a small wooden bridge to cross. .
and lots of trees. .coupled with some really wide open spaces.
On the way home. .
my brother in law pulled over so they could take a picture with the state sign. .
And every time I see the photo now. .
I can't help but sing the lyrics to Carrie Underwood's song. .
Not enough wind in Oklahoma. .
to rip the nails out of this house. .
Now that  you are singin' it too. .
I'll leave you for today!
I have some of their family photos that I took as well as our annual Halloween bash that will be up a little later this week!
Have a great day. .
and thanks for stopping by!!
Tomorrow's Halloween. .
do you have your Tums purchased yet??


  1. Alabaster Caverns are great. My cave loving hubby finds any cave we get near. We usually visit caves on hot days too because they're so refreshing then. Cool that there are trails. And, bats. Bats are cute in that ugly cute way. Cutest hanging and staying hanging, not flying by. Eeek. I must say the Oklahoma state sign looks very heavy and well anchored. Should hold up in the wind.

  2. I have never taken my kids to the Caverns. Might be a good thing to load up and do on a Friday when they are driving me batty!! lol

  3. I'm embarrassed to say that I've never even heard of Alabaster Caverns. Besides being in Oklahoma, which I was able to figure out from your post, where are they? Do they have guided tours, or are you free to wander the caves whenever you get there?

  4. Gaia. .they are south of Freedom. .they are guided tour daily; but you can do your own caving but I'm not sure of all the details! The tour is about 45 minutes long!

  5. I haven't been to the caves since I was in school and we went there on field trips. Maybe I need to pack the guys up soon and head that way!