Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Miss Thing Turns Four

We celebrated our last birthday of the year at our house!!
Miss Camille got to open most of her presents early this year. .which was good with her! And by the time her day finally rolled around. .it was pretty quiet! Her mom had to be gone for a short training. .it was a school day. .so everyone was gone for the day too. Her dad helped her make cupcakes to take to daycare. I was advised that she was in charge of the sprinkles. But we all made it home for dinner together. .and she was thrilled!
At their party in November, she and Devin raced to see what was in their boxes! She was ecstatic to find her present. .
AND. . 
. .BUBBLE WRAP!! She tried IT out before she even looked over the newest littlest pet shop animals!!
I had some girl cousin photos left from Thanksgiving weekend. .Miss Emma. .
. .and this crazy crew from Grandma Vickies. .Haley's reading the exercise bike directions on the floor. .Cami is supervising the operation. .and Taryn (pink) and Dylan are carrying out the plans! I have no idea what the plans were. .but those girls were in cahoots. .and they meant business! They never even noticed my photo snapping from afar!
And since we enjoyed TWO cakes at the party. .hers went into the freezer to pull out on her REAL birthday. .and it worked great!
Grant was so sweet to help them both light up the candles on their cakes!
You may remember that Tristan couldn't be at their party because he was helping with Operation Christmas Child in Denver? Cami was caught trying to stow away in his duffel bag. .She was so sad that he was leaving! And I couldn't resist catching a photo of her all snuggled down into the bag. .looking so anonymous! Tristan was tickled. .and I'm pretty sure that he could have zipped her in. .no problem!
She was so thrilled to receive a little makeup kit from Aunt Kristi! We have learned lots from it already. .like how we shouldn't put on dark blue eyeshadow right before we go to church. .and that mommy looks in the mirror when she applies her make-up. .and so should Cami. .to avoid the eyeshadow from hitting her nose and her forehead. .very unattractive! We've also learned that kid nail polish takes like an hour to dry. .and comes off with the first bath. .which I guess is good if she mistakenly drops it on the carpet.
She's also learned the art of pedicures. .
One of the many reasons that I love this man!! Although he sure whined loudly when we put the little purple, glittery toe separators in between his toes. .Cami doesn't even whine that persistently. .and her toes are MUCH smaller than his!
Aren't they gawh-jous, dahling??
And if anyone would know. .it would be

Have a great week. .and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Just too cute! Good make up tips for everyone. :-)

  2. Looks like a fun birthady for your girl! :) Laughing about the bubble wrap, and about the pedicure. Ha

  3. Looks like a wonderful birthday! I know some people she could help with her makeup advice! ;)

  4. That is too funny that Jeremy let her paint his toes. This reminds me of the story about a little girl having a tea party with her dad. He enjoyed every cup of "tea" that she brought him, while her mom laughed because she was getting the "tea" from the toilet. I could totally see that happen at your house. :) Glad she had a great birthday!! See ya soon.

  5. How cute are those toes?? Omg, hilarious that you posted the close up of the pedi and THEN the zoom out of the actual recipient. ha ha! Love your side photos (leader/pack).

  6. That is great. what a good sport to do the pedicure, and even pose. Loved it. DJ

  7. Happy Birthday Cami! Looks like a pretty great celebration :)