Friday, December 30, 2011

Another Christmas Past

As I sit in my bed,  a little under the weather. .I find it REALLY hard to believe that another whole year has passed. .in the blink of an eye really! The Bible tells us that our lives are "but a vapor (James 4:14). . "consumed in smoke" (Psalm 102:3). ."a mere breath" (Job 7:7).
A mere breath is not very long. .so I'm not even sure how one would measure how long a year is in accordance. .but it surely feels like it was but a mere breath! Anyone else out there agree with that??
We enjoyed a lovely Christmas!! No one in my house even stirred until a little before 7!! Unlike some years when I am hollering at them to go back to bed by 3! While, we do teach the kids that the reason WE celebrate Christmas is because of the birth of Jesus, we also enjoy our annual visits from the jolly ole elf named Santa! He was a hit this year. .bringing one little miss a barbie who LOVES to have her hair combed and colored. .and she came with her own fake fingernails and decals to boot!
These potato guns also showed up in some stockings. Have I ever mentioned what kind of messes I get myself into by just not thinking it all out first?? I will be cleaning up tiny potato pellets for the rest of my days!! You stick the end of the gun into a whole potato, and it nips a little piece of tater out. .and as the trigger is pulled, it releases the tater pellet to pelt unsuspecting people in the foreheads. .or backs. .or walls!
Do you all remember how we found our trampoline after our weekend camping trip last summer??
Well. .Santa dropped that one off about 7 years ago when the big boys were small!
They have REALLY been missin' it! So, Santa made a repeat performance, and dropped another one out of the sky this Christmas! That crazy guy! 
They have been on it every day. .in the gorgeous afternoons we have had. .and in the frosty mornings until their feet are too cold to do tricks any longer!!

In an attempt to move the kids outside of our little family world. .
earlier this fall, in anticipation of Christmas. .and giving. .
we decided to go to World Vision and sponsor a child. For a nominal monthly donation, we are helping to make a difference in the life of a child and her family. Devin and Cami helped me pick one out. .there are MANY to choose from. .and we received our first letter from their 9 year old "sister" Catalina a few weeks ago! She lives in a small village outside of Santiago, Chile. Her letter came written, by her in Spanish, and interpreted by World Vision to us so we could read it!  Check out the web site above. .maybe you would want to consider a project for the New Year!
We enjoyed Christmas day with Jeremy's family, just down the road from home! My brother in law is a turkey-frying fool. .and he fixed one of the best turkeys I have eaten. .additionally, my father in law smoked a second turkey. .which was also delish!! Needless to say, we did NOT hurt for good eats that day!
The day had a hint of sadness to it though. .it was the 2nd Christmas without J's grandpa. .last year he was living, but in the nursing home with his advanced dementia, and of course we lost him this fall. Additionally, Jeremy's grandma on his mom's side was moved into the nursing home right before Thanksgiving because of her failing health and mind! She was able to be with us for lunch, but her physical deterioration was terribly apparent.
Despite that, there was lots of laughter. .like when Devin helped Jeremy to put on his new suspenders!! He had those on his Christmas list to keep his racing pants pulled up :-) And don't even think we've stopped teasing him about them yet!
Grandma Pat brought ingredients to prove to Joe that one CAN make peanut brittle in the microwave. .but unfortunately. .granny's microwave cooks a bit hotter than Pat's. .and they burnt the soup out of the brittle. .so I'm not sure he is convinced yet!
We played lots of games. .including Grant's new Scrabble Flash, Yahtzee (and I even got a Yahtzee!! Whoopie!), and shrinky-dinks (which I had never seen until last weekend. .I know Bonnie. .you're mouth is dropping to the ground :-)
Since it has finally rained, we felt safe in letting off some parachute fireworks. .
The kids rarely get tired of chasing after those. .unless you are 4. .and your legs are short. .and your arms don't stretch high enough. .and then you get tired of chasing down the parachuting army guys!
Overall, it was a low key and relaxing Christmas day!
Well, mostly low key anyway!!
And next Christmas, I'm asking for a pair of THESE!! I think I could totally ROCK those!!

Wishing you all a very Blessed New Year and remember to make EVERY second count!!

"Yet you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow. You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away." James 4:14


  1. Enjoyed your post - I am up late after a 3-hour nap this evening. LOL Looks like good family time. :) Kind of makes you think, about how fast time goes, and when our loved ones' health changes, and such. Each day is a gift, and has it's blessings. Wishing you a great New Year!

  2. That's a LOW KEY Christmas? Oh my. I'm exhausted just reading it.
    The year has gone so fast, but it's been a wonderful one. Looking forward to your posts for another year. Hugs to you! Happy New Year!!
    (and forget those shoes, dear--only Barbie can manage something THAT punky!)

  3. It looks like you had a wonderful time with your family! I do miss having little children around at this time of year....

  4. Really? You thought potatoes guns would be a good idea?! ;) Looks like a great Christmas! Hope you are feeling better!

  5. Oh I the Bonnie you were referring to about the shrinky dinks!? LOL!! Where did you grow up? No pomegranates, no shrinky dinks, no poppy seed filling!! hahahahahaha! Too funny! Well, it looks like you guys had a great Christmas. Those potato guns sound like something my boys would absolutely love!!!

  6. Poor Jeremy, the reason he needs suspenders is because he has now worked his tail off for his dear sweet wife.(nothing is left there to hold stuff up)... ;) DJ

  7. Ha ha! Boys and their guns. I remember that well. Oh my goodness a new trampoline, you guys rock!
    By the way, that little Cami is too cute! I know how you mean about missing a loved one. This is my second Christmas without my parents. Very different indeed.
    Great legs or are talking about the shoes? Ha ha!
    Hope you all are doing well with this cold weather I've been hearing about. We get it tomorrow.