Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Free Day

A 100% chance of snow.
That's what we had!!

We were expecting a total accumulation of 4-8 inches.
It rained all day Monday. .
We had 1.30 inches of much needed moisture!!
The temperatures dropped. .as expected, and I dumped my rain gauge!!
It continued to drizzle all evening.
The wind blew. .also as expected, wreaking havoc with my decor.
We were anticipating blizzard-like conditions. . 
They even called off school last night. .and I rescheduled my out of town clinic.
We enjoyed my work Christmas party last night before we came in and hunkered down. .waiting for the white stuff!! Around bedtime the sleet began to replace the rain.
This is how our world looked this morning. .4 inches??
 Nope. .
What you see is ice pellets.
My kids were devastated!! 
But a little detail like
didn't slow them down!!
They were happy to use their imaginations and PRETEND there was 10.5 inches like my friend Gardener on Sherlock Street received north of us!! 
Yes. .they even went sledding.
Poor, poor pitiful kids!!
At least I got my Christmas cards ready to mail. .and some snacks for work tomorrow. .and part of a puzzle finished. .and I never even got out of my pajamas.
The weather man says there is another good chance for snow on Thursday. .
Know what I think??
I think God LOOOOVES messing with weathermen!!
5 more nights. .ya better watch out!!


  1. Oh, that is too funny! They are so desperate for snow. ha ha My kids played in ours yesterday while I was at work. :P

  2. We were a bit disappointed too! But instead of sledding, Tristen rip sticked on the sidewalk. .. in shorts. I'm hoping we get a little something with this next chance. Would be nice for Christmas. And then it can melt and spring can come! =) Only 90 more days until the first day of spring!

  3. Oh my! Those poor children! That stinks when you are so excited about the forecast and it NEVER happens! Blah! Well, at least they tried to sled ride!! hee hee! We have not had any snow here in SW PA and I am not happy about it! A couple days ago we did have flurries all day but that is it!!! Today is supposed to get to 58 degrees and they said between 3 and 4 o'clock today, it will hit 60 degrees! Disgusting! LOL! Oh man, we just really need some snow here! It is raining and raining here...but if Old Man Winter would just blow some cold air from the North Pole we could have a white Christmas!

  4. I would have shared some of ours. I'm loving that it is a wet snow on the garden. Had to shovel a path to fill the bird feeders today.
    I'm jealous that you got to stay home all day. I miss getting snow days. My WH and I got up at 4 am to shovel out the side of the driveway my car uses so I could get to work on time. That included time for breakfast, driving, etc. There were drifts in town that the city couldn't keep up with but I made it to work. Front wheel drive and traction control are great features (new batteries are good too). He shoveled more snow before he went to work and then I shoveled again when I got home. I could do without the shoveling. Some melting today. I always hope for clean roads soon after a snow storm. Then, it can get cold again to keep the snow in yards.
    Maybe Thursday!

  5. The weather is goofy here too. I saw on the news that you all were getting a storm but I wasn't sure what part of the state you live in. The past few days the temp was 69. It's raining here a little. Ugh! I would like some snow. I look forward to it just like the kids do.

  6. Enjoyed your photos - partly just to see some "familiar country" again. :) But I also enjoy seeing your home and family. I can't help but be thankful for any moisture that falls. Last summer about did us all in, I think. I hear you on not getting out of pj's for a day ... I may have done that now and then lately. *ahem* :)