Saturday, May 15, 2010

Zip Line Overhaul

I grew up the oldest of four children. I have one younger sister and 2 brothers. I was used to the estrogenic components of having to get along with another girl, but I haven't much recollection of dealing with the testosterone of those brothers. Apparently, I either stifled them or I ignored them. The boys were 4 years and 7 years younger than I. We made them play house and church. My sister and I tag teamed them and tied their tube socks together. And they danced with us to Perry Como's rendition of "the twelve days of Christmas" while making peppernuts every year. But I don't recall doing any "boy" kind of games.
Needless to say, all this testosterone at my house has been a learning experience. I have had people call me to ask if I knew that my children (the boys of course) were out on my roof (yes, the one on my house--to which they easily access by climbing out the upstairs windows--any of them). I have had people mention that, while they were driving by, they noticed the boys jumping out of the tree tops onto their trampoline. They race their go-karts as fast as they can. They can often be witnessed stalking rabbits with their BB guns. Boys, all the way around!
Their dad, truly, isn't any better. He shows them how to blow up nasty zucchini from the neighbors with black cat fire crackers. He races cars and shooting predators is a sport. He tried to tune up the go kart he was assigned at the playground on our honeymoon, for heaven's sake--and proceeded to race an 8 year old that didn't even know they were racing!!
So I shouldn't have been a bit surprised the weekend a few years ago that they (THEY???)decided they needed a zip line. A zip line, you ask?? A zip line is a wire strung between 2 trees, approximately 8-10 feet off the earth. Attached to the wire is a bicycle handle balanced on the wire by a bicycle wheel.
You climb the tree, grab onto the handles and jump. Yes, jump--out of the tree--holding on to an upside down unicycle! Sound like fun? They certainly think so. . .and all the kids who come to the 4th of July party!! It's been a total hit for any child weighing less than about 210 pounds that appears at our home!
Somehow, the zip line became disengaged from it's tree a few weeks ago. And that became a project for the afternoon!! The big wheel got replaced by a smaller wheel, that will hopefully stay on the cable better after they "dismantel" from the handles, or fall off, whichever may occur first. This has been the object of much critique and complaining since the original line went up several years ago. If you didn't get off slowly (SLOWLY??), the wheel flipped to the side of the wire, and it was hard for the kids to get it back on the track from 8 feet under!

So, the line is again, fully operational. See what you missed by going home early Grandma??? They would have let you try it!!


  1. I have surrounded those children with good ole Catholic guardian angels! But they must be so worn out!!!

  2. FUN!! Boys are just....something..., aren't they? ;-)

  3. I have two boys. I did not know how much we needed a zip line until now. Thanks for the helpful information on building one. Yay!

  4. I am really surprised that my crew hasn't inquired about creating one of those at our house. Good thing they don't read your blog. :)


  5. AWESOME. I think I might actually have to show this to Jamie! Then I will promptly take myself to the ER and just wait for them...