Friday, May 7, 2010

One Fine Day

The two oldest boys went on a "mystery" trip for school today. They had to earn the trip by meeting reading goals throughout the year. They (and we) actually have no idea where they get to go until they get on the bus that day. My friend's daughter texted her this morning and said they were going to an arcade and then shopping at the mall in Wichita. When they got back this evening they went directly to the school for a "rock-in" all nighter there. A group got a Christian rock band to come in and give a concert for the kids, and then they are planning movies, Wii games on super huge screen TV's, and surely lots of food. So we haven't seen those guys since early this morning.
The 2 little ones and I have been lying low around the house today. It was cold and windy until later this afternoon, when we finally got out to see the world. While C was napping, D discovered the blooming iris. He had one bloom popped off before I knew it, so we found a knife and took a tour around the gardens to see what we could snatch for a nice bouquet. We found some peonies blooming. They are of unknown variety since I got them in a cheapo mixture from some company 2 years ago. The one blooming is a dark pink. From the looks of the buds on the other 2, they are double white and a light pink. The dark pink smells heavenly!! We also found irises in shades of purple, two-toned purple, white, yellow, a burgundy and salmon, and periwinkle blue. The peach iris will be blooming in a couple days. We also found some buds that appeared to be hybrid (big blooms) with a deep purple tinge. I am SO hoping that it is the lost variety that I haven't seen since I moved my iris from the location that my waterfall now lives. It was a reblooming variety called Batik that was white with a deep purple tipped bloom--it was my favorite color of the 5 I had gotten in that collection!! Hopefully it will bloom out soon so we can see what it is! We also found a periennial purple phlox (the tall kind), some blooms on the back knock out roses put in after my grandparents died 3 years ago. We found the orange honeysuckle blooming prolifically (which you will notice behind the galvanized tub of flowers on our west deck). And also found buds on several of the rose bushes, in addition to a few little blooms on my miniature rose bush. It's so refreshing to find everything waking up after the winter slumber!

Look who else we found today!!

D hadn't gotten to see this little guy in his house yet. As soon as we walked out on the deck this afternoon we could hear him singing. I spotted him on the top of this birdhouse before he quickly disappeared inside. I had my camera with me taking pictures of the blooms we found. It was zoomed out to 40X digital zoom so if you look at it closer it will be quite grainy. But I'm tickled that I caught him anyway. Isn't he a jewel!?!

What a crazy spring this has been!! I planted my tomatos (most of them) and some peppers earlier this week, against my better judgment. But I was so ready to get them in the ground. Tonight is going to be in the mid 30's here. BRRRR! I hope it doesn't shell shock 'em too bad!!
Waiting on the sweet corn and okra to come up. The beets are sporadic to say the least, but the swiss chard is looking great--hope it tastes as good as it looks. The cukes are sprouted in the greenhouse and one watermelon had surfaced as well. The next good planting day will find me seeding the pumpkin seeds in the greenhouse (another new crop for us this year) The sloped garden is looking better, the things that I transplanted a week ago or so didn't much appreciate the heat, but are perking up now. Many zinnias have sprouted, so I am about ready to mulch the rest of the bed in. The little guys helped (helped???) me mulch the herb garden and potted plants with cotton seed hulls this afternoon. I like cotton seed mulch better for the purpose of mulching around dainty little things because it is so fine and conforms around the plants so nicely. I'm thrilled that the spring "rush" of gardening is almost over and then will be time to just relax and enjoy!! Lots going on this weekend, so gardening will be limited--which is ok!
Hope everyone has a Happy Mother's Day (especially my own mom!!) Wishing you all loads of blooms and cute little bloom pickers to share them with!!


  1. What beautiful blooms. Nice to have someone help you gather them. I hope all your new plantings make it through the up and down temperatures too. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. What a handsome boy in that bouquet of flowers!
    Gonna try to get my garden mulched in sometime this weekend THEN I might be able to relax and enjoy it!!

  3. Beautiful flowers! yes, this Spring is different for sure. I just went outside to check on things and that North breeze was COLD! My thermometer says it's 56 outside but it really felt more like 40. I put my peppers out a while back and they seem to grow in a hurry when the temps go up but they are still small.

  4. Your flowers look beautiful. Hope you had a Happy Mother's Day!


  5. Melanie........your garden and yard are awesome. You have done a lot of work out there. Good therapy as well!! And it looks like you have plenty of good help as well.

  6. I really like the last photo (D). He is just adorable in that shot! Dale

  7. Love the flowers, and especially the irises! :)