Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Rose by Any Other Name

The roses have been especially beautiful the last couple weeks. I strolled out a few mornings ago to capture some photos, and decided that I had a few more roses than I realized, though still probably way fewer than other people!! Thought that I would share them!! The rose above is called Tropicana, and was given to me by my mother in law a few years ago. It is an incredible bright reddish orange hue that lightens to tangerine when opened. Not much smell, but it's bright color TOTALLY makes up for it!!
This lavender beauty has the most wonderful scent ever!! Not like a rose, but something a little indescribable! It was living (existing, rather) in the raised bed next to my backdoor. It didn't really thrive there, so last fall, I dug it up and planted it next to my inferno strip garden right out the back door, next to the new sidewalk. It already has had more blooms on it in the last 2 weeks than it has had in the last 5 years! I guess it likes it! The miniature rose bushes are starting to bloom. This one is loaded!! And the other mini rose bush is beginning to bloom. It is probably 2 1/2 to 3 feet tall now and about that wide. Gorgeous blooms right outside of my kitchen window!
A bridal pink rose that my mother gave to me on one of my first mother's days After we moved to this place. It was also transplanted once to go next to our deck on the west side of the house. These double knock out roses are in FULL bloom and are astonishing!! What a brilliant punch of color that everyone notices the minute they drive into our lane. Right now they contrast the multitudes of peach irises, the dwarf blue spruce, the pink mini-rose and the light pink peonies. (oh yeah, and the weeds and bermuda grass trying to find a home!)
I have both the double knock out and the single knock out roses, and definitely prefer the doubles. Their blooms look more like the hybrid blooms, which I just think are prettier. This hot pink bloom is a double knock out close up.
I have one yellow rose-not sure what variety--but it has a little peach tinge to the outer petal when it opens up fully. It may be a Chicago Peace, but I wouldn't swear to it. It holds up great in a vase and has provided me with many joyful blooms!!This morning's drive to Oklahoma was a beautiful one. The rains and heavy mist were persistent all the way, but I loved every minute of it. We are sure needing rain in our parts, and the next two days look promising! That being said, I am heading out of Wichita in the morning for San Diego. I will be attending a women's health conference there until Sunday. So I am SURE hoping not to be delayed because of weather. My bags are nearly packed, the laundry is done, and life is lined out for the rest of the crew. I am a little nervous, because I have never left J home alone with this many kids for this long of time period. Please keep us ALL in your prayers this week!!
I hope to be able to take J's laptop with me for evening entertainment (I am geographically challenged, so won't be going out much for sightseeing, lest I become lost and never make it home!) But even if I take it with me, there's still a good chance that I won't ever be able to figure out how to hook it to the net (I'm also a computer RETARD!) Wishing eveyone a great week!!


  1. You have beautiful roses.
    I've only grown a few little tea roses but they died out after about five years. I always enjoy my neighbor's roses. A little stolen landscape view. You have a nice variety too. Safe travels!

  2. Have a good time on your trip. Wish I would have just went with you. Can't wait to hear how J does with the crew.


  3. Roses are so pretty!! Enjoy your trip!!!

  4. I'm back in your garden quickly. I've been meaning to give you this link. There is a gardening segment on HPPR that you might enjoy. http://www.hppr.org/ghp.html
    I think she records one a week. Just thought I'd pass it on.

  5. Beautiful roses! And I hope you have a great time at the conference, and a safe trip. And I hope your family gets along alright. :)