Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I HATE cleaning. I have always hated cleaning. For the last 8-9 years I have actually paid someone weekly to come by and clean my house. She was my first bad habit to go when I cut my hours. So now, I am the official house cleaner (with the exception of some child labor, which, while good for teaching work ethic, isn't really good for actual cleaning). I was doing some deep cleaning a few weeks ago and was again so impressed by the following cleaning product that I just HAD to share the information. A housekeeper that I had several years ago asked me to pick up some of these cleaners for her to use. I admit that I never actually used them more than once. But I remember the one time that I did use it being very impressed by its cleaning action. HOWEVER, in my cleaning escapade a few weeks ago, I was again blown away by this products amazing ease to use and it's incredible job in cleaning! Please proceed!!

This is my new secret weapon--Mr. Clean magic erasers!! Beware: the photos you are about to see may be disturbing. Viewer discretion advised. Yes, I knowingly tolerated these living conditions in my home! Hope you continue to love me in spite of it!
This yummy view is from my back porch lookin' in. The door that the children and the grease monkey use exclusively. Apparently, no one can use the door knob for closing the door!

The bottom of the porch closet. Note the cool markings that shoes thrown AT the closet will make as they hit the door, rather than the small opening that they were aimed at.

OOOH! The bottom of the bathroom door that the animals. . .er--children utilize.

The ammunition--the top sponge is unused. The bottom sponge is one that has been in the active line of cleaning duties. These sponges waste away--literally as you clean. You simply rub your mess, occasionally cleanse off the filth with water, and return him to the work zone.

OOOOOH--the bathroom door--CLEAN

AAAAAHH. The closet doors--CLEAN

Oh, my--my back porch lookin' in--CLEEEAAAANN!
So there you have it!! A wonderful product to simplify and beautify your lives! I don't know how these little devils clean so well with so little manual scrubbin'--but then again I really don't want to know either (ignorance is bliss, and ignorance doesn't cause cancer!) I do know that IF you have little guys around--you don't want them to be handling or chewing on them--much like anything else you would CLEAN with--Duh!
But don't take my word for it-RUN to your nearest store and buy one for yourself!
Happy cleaning!


  1. I totally just bought some of these last night!! My stove is gross and nothing was taking off the gunk around the burners. Nothing. Well, that little baby got that crap off without hardly any effort!! They are little square miracles!!!

  2. Ok, you sold me on it. I will have to get me some of these, too.


  3. Yes, those little buggars are GREAT for cleaning stuff up! :)

  4. These are awesome. I just bought some for my mom. Funny. Now I'm teaching her how to clean. I degreased our range hood with one of these. Don't use them on the paint, but they're great for getting all those shoe scuff marks off the inside of your car door.