Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break

This past week the boys have been out on spring break. It was a fairly warm week, until Friday when winter returned. My sister's family also had spring break this week, so they drove the 5 hours here to visit for a few days! We were excited that they were coming. The difference in them coming here and us going there is that there is a TON of stuff to do in Topeka, and very little to do here. Hopefully they weren't bored. I found it immensely enjoyable to kick back and do nothing but cook, visit, and play for two days! The kids enjoyed the weather outside on Thursday, since it was nearly 70 even when they arrived.

They played on the trampoline and the swing set. Friday morning before winter hit, they launched their rockets a few times and Kristi and I enjoyed a brisk 2 mile walk before lunch. It was getting windy and cold by early afternoon, so the rest of the day was spent inside playing play dough and games on the Wii. Kristi and I played about a million games of Yahtzee (one of our favorite childhood games!) We also enjoyed scrabble one night with the guys and some Scattorgories Friday night--we let Tristan and Grant play with us after the little ones went to bed. I was impressed that they could keep up as well as they did. We highly recommend that game--if you have never played Scattergories you have 3 minutes to come up with words to describe 12 categories starting with the letter that you have rolled on your dice. TOO FUNNY!

J and Cami were checking out the big snake
We were sure glad to find very little snow when we woke up Saturday morning, because we had planned on traveling with them as far as Wichita to enjoy lunch and playing at Exploration Place.

The roads turned out to be very good. We ate lunch at Ghenghis Grill, which is fabulous--and then enjoyed several hours inside E. P. The kids played with lots of gadgets and learning stuff.
After we parted ways, we hit a few stores for some shopping. After weeks of looking and pondering, Grant spent his birthday wad on a guitar hero set for the Wii. So far they are liking that. We also stocked up on our rocket supplies at Hobby Lobby and were pleased to find the parts 30% off this weekend! I love a good deal!

We have also been gone a fair amount of today as well. We enjoyed some real cajun cooking fixed for us after church by some good friends of ours. We had a cajun shrimp boil and shrimp etouffe, as well as lemon chess pie. MMMM! Thanks Dale! As if that wasn't enough yum for one weekend, we also enjoyed homemade chicken and noodles at Granny's house tonight. So--good thing that tomorrow is back to the exercise routine! Did I mention that we have had a LOT of dessert the last 4 days?? Well, we have had a LOOOOTTTT of dessert the past 4 days. MMMMM

Not sure if the kids are ready to get back to school tomorrow, but I am thinking that it will be a good thing! The school carnival will be this next weekend, and then the track meets start. I know that in about 2 weeks school will be out for another year. I just don't know where the time goes!

The bubble man doing his thing at Exploration Place--Now that's SOME bubble!! I actually found bubble solution and bent hangers in my showers tonight--THANKS bubble man!!

Wishing everyone a blessed week!


  1. That is a HUGE bubble!!! Our spring break went fast! I am ready for summer. It was nice not having to 2 grouchy men out of bed every morning.
    Whats been going on in your yard? Any tomatoes popping up yet?

  2. Sounds like you all had a great spring break! That Exploration Place sounds awesome. :)

    Love your "springy" blog background!

  3. We had a lot of fun. Thanks for all of the good food and DESSERTs. Hope you and J had a really good birthday. I see that you failed to mention that on your blog.


  4. Glad we got the honor of hosting you on your birthdays. What a fun time! You have some budding potters too. Dale