Thursday, March 25, 2010


As I shared earlier this week, my favorite (OK my ONLY) sister and her family were here for a weekend visit. She brought me a birthday card that provoked me to dedicate a post just to her!!

The card read : "There is an understanding, a closeness, an easy kind of laughter, that only sisters share. Just wanted to remind you what a joy it's always been, and still is, having you for a sister. No matter what we talk about or what we do, being with you is the easiest thing in the world. You're a beautiful person, and I'm grateful to know you the way I do-as only a sister could."
I thought about that card multiple times throughout her visit--knowing that it was so true. We didn't have to talk the whole time and the silence was still comfortable. But if we chose, we could start a conversation in the middle of a thought and knew exactly what the other one was talking about. We "get" each other's neurotic OCD traits--inherited graciously from our paternal grandmother. We enjoy each other's company and laugh lots, occasionally quite loudly! We didn't ALWAYS get along terrifically, which I'm sure our mother will attest to--but we did spend a lot of time together and have great memories because of it. So, I thought as a tribute to my NOT dead sister, I would list off some of our greatest fun and memories---
Playing outside for hours in the summertime--mostly because our mother made us. We did a lot more things outside than my kids can dream up--bouncing on filled up tractor inner tubes, playing house in the hay barn--even making little tiny rooms by moving the bales around, riding bikes, and roller skating to the Beach Boys--Kristi, to this day I HATE the beach boys--and I'm sure you still love 'em!
Gangin' up on our little brothers. We used to tag team them and tie their tube socks together by the toes. . .while they were on their feet. We don't try that anymore, we would get CREAMED! We also made them play church with us, using the stairs as "pews."
Sharing a bedroom, which we HATED!! We spent countless hours trying to figure out how we could arrange the room so that we couldn't see one another and could PRETEND that we had our own room. Even though I couldn't see her, I could still hear her Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton album (Islands in the stream, that is what we are, No one in between, how can be wrong, sail away with me, to another world, and we rely on each other UHHH HUHH!--sorry, couldn't resist) You're singing aren't ya?
The trip that she made to visit me while I was in college in Hays. We did some party hopping and then ended up at some friends of J's just in time to watch them single handedly stuff a couch THROUGH the side wall of their trailer house, on purpose. Oh my--I just knew that I had corrupted her for life!

Many letters that she mailed to me after I went to college, while she was still "stuck" in high school. I still have them all in a box in my attic--the one that mom MADE me move from her attic to my attic--and enjoyed reading through them a couple years ago after my kids discovered my box.

She's my partner in crime in any family adventure that we might encounter--walks along old childhood roads, roller coaster rides, trips to the grocery store or worse yet. . duckwalls! Now our adventures include trips with our kids to the indoor pool. She's always game for anything!!

Now that we live 5 hours apart, I rarely get to see her. We are BAD with phones (in that we don't use them). With the novel invention of the internet, emails, and this blog--we do a better job of keeping up--and I know that if I email her, she is usually within an hour of answering--a comforting thought. And so, I am eternally thankful that I was blessed with a sister! One that is thoughtful, understanding, and fun to hang out with; one that I can be my silly self around (walking like the Fear Factor cast), or my serious self around (talking kids and mates); a sister that jumps into mischief with both feet (major gut turning roller coaster rides); a sister that I can blab into the wee hours with (depending on what we've been sipping) or just sit quietly with while watching life roll along.

So from one beautiful sister to another beautiful sister--I'm glad that we know and love each other only as sisters can!! Thanks for the birthday visit and the card that provokes a "right back at-cha double" from me! Love ya girl!


  1. Awww, that was sweet and thanks for making me cry at work!! That was so much better than that little card that I got you. I thought about the couch through the wall story the other day. That was so funny. You missed the story about us both getting kicked out of the Country Club swimming pool. Good times!!! Or, the time that our loving parents took the boys on vacation to New Mexico leaving us at home to work our part-time jobs. We had the whole house to ourselves and didn't even think to throw a party. I think we even chose to sleep in the same room that weekend because we were scared. :) I know you are my ONLY sister too, but I couldn't have asked for a better one.

    I Love you!

  2. Actually, I did consider the story about the country club pool, but couldn't remember if you were there or not! And the vacation to NM--Completely forgot--but remembered after you mentioned it!! Thanks for the memories!

  3. That's a beautiful post! What a blessing!

  4. Awwww!! That's sweet!!!
    I remember riding Big Red with the two of you, playing hide and go seek with the boys ("sasparilla" was the code word), jumping on the bed (that would be when I put my head through your ceiling - which your dad still reminds me about in a very loud manner in front of all of my Big Scoop customers - thanks Uncle Don), playing in the hay bales.....Our kids really don't know what country life is about, do they???


  5. Geeze...way to almost make me cry at work too! I was just thinking about the hide and go seek with the boys and "sasparilla" and then Terri's head through your ceiling! I think sometimes we become so comfortable with our sisters that we forget to tell them how beautiful and wonderful they are and that we love them dearly. Thanks Mel and Kris for reminding us!