Friday, March 26, 2010

Now We're Talking!

Delicious warm air
Radiant sunshine kissing the nape of my neck as I'm bent over my work
Slight breeze rustling my curls

My favorite gardening gloves tucked in my back pocket
The warm crumbly soil under my fingertips
One kid that was interested in digging, and one that was NOT

An hour of hoeing and digging and placing plants and seeds ever so carefully!
The joy of standing back and admiring the work
Relaxing and directing a soft sprinkle of water while deeply inhaling the spring air
Inhaling?? Take a slow deep breath in. . .MMMMM
It don't get better than this!


  1. Beautiful! I agree, that springtime air is WONDERFUL. :) Love the purple hyacinth - is that what it is? It's gorgeous!

  2. Love the picture of your thermometer. Cracks me up.


  3. *Sigh* What happened to that wonderful weather? =`(