Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Projects and Flowers. .

Happy Tuesday!!
We have survived graduations. .and 4-H camp. .and almost wheat harvest. .it will be over in a few days. .though it hasn't affected me as much as Devin!
The summer has been rocking right along!
We have been blessed with a TON of rain and beautiful weather this spring. .
And the gardens are spectacular!! Thought I would give a quick tour.
This rose is one that we dug from Jeremy's granddad's house a while after he moved to the nursing home.  He LOVED roses. .and had a ton of rose bushes in his backyard. It only has a light fragrance when it is in a vase. .and the flowers haven't impressed me on the bush until this year!
And so, after 3 years of the bush looking crappy in MY yard. .it finally looked good enough to make me cocky about growing more!!  I recently ordered some on sale from Brecks that will smell up my yard I hope!! They have settled in. .and the new bareroot twigs are covered in foliage and two of the 3 new plants have buds!! I will keep you. .and my "records" here posted!!
Here is the memory garden. .the blue atlas cedar is still too sad to take a good close up of. .but, surprisingly, it seems to be making a comeback from the bad winter burn it sustained. .There is yellow Echinacea paradoxa in the back, several types of grasses, Jupitars beard (the pink in the front) and Cardonna purple salvia on the left, with a tiny peek of the Nepeta catnip in the very bottom left. This place is LIT UP with winged creatures all the time!! It's one of my favorite places!! The new daylilies also have buds coming on. .so I will be excited for those to start showing off!
Here's a look from the other side. .in the far back is where the raised bed veggie planters are at! And it is all visible from my favorite rocking chair!
Gallardia are on fire near the pond!
I don't know for sure what this is. .but my Aunt Jane sent seeds from Oregon that I sprinkled out last fall. It is a poppy. .but not like one that I saw in her yard when we were there. .
I neglected to get a picture when this one was in full bloom. .but it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! It looked just like the light pink. .except it was flaming magenta!! They are really fragile. .so one day-two tops on the blooms. .the wind just takes their breath away!! I am really hopeful that they will reseed where they are!! I initially thought that she had accidentally sent me lettuce seed. .as it looked just like a fancy head of leaf lettuce!! So the gorgeous flowers were a great surprise!!
Memorial weekend 2010
I love Memorial weekend. .it's always a good time for us to get some projects done. .I remembered one of my favorite projects from 2010 when we moved this slipper slide over. .
Here it is 7 years later. .This thing smells so wonderful!! I love the thick scent in the air when I walk early in the morning! I can often smell it 1/2 way down the long driveway!! It is so cool to be able to see the progress of the garden in pictures. .As I was looking for this photo, I enjoyed looking at some of my other blog photos shared all those years back. .just like baby pictures. .it was fun to see how things developed and changed!
Speaking of projects. .This year, I put Devin to work on a dream feature that I had seen on Pinterest. .
I love the bottle tree that Jeremy made for me several years ago. .
(The larkspur was stunning as usual too!)
The tiny one in the front was our first attempt. .
And then I found a photo of one similar to the bigger tree. .which he sweetly crafted for me!
And since then. .I came across an arc full of bottles that I just loved!! I like Moscato. .and have been saving up my cool blue bottles for ever!! Since I took this photo. .I have been dumpster diving at the recycle center and found a few more to add on!
Jeremy figured out that he has a little grinder in his shop that takes the labels right off without scratching the glass. .and then a little dab of break cleaner gets rid of the tacky glue. .and
Happy, happy, happy!!
I thank you for stopping by. .
I have a few more pictures uploaded for later. .so maybe it won't be long until you hear from me again! Enjoy your summer!


  1. Amazing garden's.

    Richard Daris

  2. Everything looks wonderful! Rain makes all the difference, doesn't it!?

  3. The memory garden is filled in so nicely. Those poppies are wonderful. I had one self seed in our garden last year and it looked like lettuce too at first. Ha! Some more came up but I think something ate most of them down. The arc of bottles is great. Haven't seen anyone do it that way elsewhere. I can just see you searching for more bottles at the recycling center. :-)

  4. I love it!!! Everything looks wonderful. I added 2 more rose bushes this year. Probably about time for them to die or for the mole to come up and kill them. Happens every time I get cocky! ;)