Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Family Update

Welcome back!!
Nothing like a little "cluster-blogging"
Thought it might be good to do an update. .
Especially since I had so many fun pictures to share!
This girl has gotten about 3 years older all at once. .
She is growing in manners and politeness. .
And is getting to be fine help!!
She got to participate in a gymnastics class and a dance class this year.
She loved them both!
She has gotten pretty tricky at front handsprings on the trampoline. .
And loves practicing!
She had her first recital right before Easter. She was excited and nervous all rolled into one!
She got flowers for the first time in her WHOLE life (Her words). .
And can't wait for it to start all over again next year.
She gets to/has to stay home this summer. Her dad works right at the house in his shop. .But she isn't highly motivated on her own. .so she is despairing the whole idea. .more because she knows that she will have to do some "work". .and that she will get into trouble if she isn't careful!
I am hoping that she will take care of some watering and learn how to get dinner started.
I think it will be a good step for her!
This guy will be graduating GRADUATED. .from 8th grade next week LAST NIGHT (by the time I actually got back to finishing this post :-). He is super excited! He will finally get his very own cell phone! He has been doing a lot of driving with his instructional permit. .and has the mandatory 50 hours of driving done so he can get his farm permit, which will allow him to drive to and from school alone, and to get parts or errands run for his job--working for his dad.
He is glad to be done with track, which he never really liked. .And will look forward to going out for basketball and golf next year as a freshman. He did join a neighboring school to participate in a high school trap shooting team. .and will get to shoot on their varsity team in a few weeks at the state competition. He and his dad are both really excited about that!
Grant and Tristan both graduated last Thursday from tech school in Topeka.
Look at the excitement!
Tristan started a job last week for a commercial carpentry crew. .and got to work on one of the buildings on the campus at the University of Kansas. .He loved every minute of it! He gets to be an 'intern' for 3 months before deciding whether this will be the job for him.
I think he has already decided that it is!!
Grant will continue to work for the feed store that employed him part time through the school year. He will do that until after he and his dad and brothers take their guided fishing trip in a few weeks. After that, he will start working at Kenworth-fixing the big semi rigs that he has loved since he was a tot!
Both of them got their dream jobs. .and we couldn't be happier for them. .
Or prouder! It was a fun weekend to hang out together. .
And, after 50 pictures. .I decided that they aren't any easier to photograph now. .than they were when they were little. Someone was always doing something dumb. .or looking the wrong way. .or making silly faces. .or kissing/licking the person standing next to them. UG!
In the last week. .since I started this post the first time. .
We have finished up a lot of the "end of school" things.
We have been through Cami's play day at school. .
It is essentially a mini-track meet for K-5th.
She did a great job. .
And unfortunately, in about 2 more weeks-it will seem-she will be wearing her own cap and gown!!
These guys were also back all weekend for Devin's graduation. .
Our church celebrated a 100 year anniversary on Sunday. .
So we were busy with that as well as a graduation BBQ in honor of Devin.
Not to mention all the graduation celebrations for the kids of our friends!
It was lots of cooking and hangin.
Devin is heading to get his farmer's permit today. .
And he will be raking in the "dough" at the shop soon!
Tristan had to head back late last night to return to work. .
Grant is heading there today. .as well as my mom returning home. .
So when I get home tonight. .
It should be back to the quiet life. .
As quiet as it gets anyway!
Here is our little grand-pet. .
Rastus. .is Tristan's little hedgehog. .
He is quite ugly, really. .which ALMOST makes him a touch cute.
Cami and Devin are in love. .and I hope I can remain firm in not having one in my own home in the future!
Well. .
That's it from this crazy crew. .
We have a characteristically busy summer getting started as soon as next week. .
Camps, jobs, an exchange student coming, road trips, and of course. .
the LAKE!
I hope to showcase some garden blooms again soon. .
But then, you know how that sometimes goes!!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. That was an awesome update. Nice to see everyone is well and doing something they love. So many transitions in the month of May. Be well and enjoy summer.

  2. I just posted in my blog for the FIRST TIME IN A YEAR!! I couldn't believe it had been that long, and it wasn't on purpose!!
    I enjoyed catching up with yours!