Saturday, June 24, 2017

Another update

I've been busy with some pictures and posting lately!!
I won't promise that it will continue. .
But I sure wanted to share the photos that I had taken at the end of our school year.
Cami participated in the football throw. .
High jump, a dash and a relay at her "field day" for school. She is enjoying summer. .
And at this writing. .has stayed busy so far--
She has been to 4-H camp. .vacation bible school. .swimming. .and a basketball camp.
For the first time. .in her 4-H camping history. .
She was able to sleep in her own cabin (albeit in the same twin bunk bed with her tiny counselor friend, Britney). .and the second night of camp. .she slept in her OWN bed. .in her OWN cabin. .
All. Night. LONG!!
WOOP WOOP! Now the possibilities will be endless for her!
Here's her last day of school picture. .
Is that a happy face or what!!
Devin got a signed diploma from the 8th grade!!
He has been busy working for his dad. .
And recently for his grandpa-harvesting wheat!
He got to go to the high school state trap shooting contest earlier this month. .
His team placed 4th! He shot fairly-not as good as he can. .but not as poorly as he has! He enjoyed the experience anyway!!
He was also a camp counselor for 4-H camp this year. .which doesn't even seem possible. .but the kids loved him. .and he did a pretty good job keeping track of everyone and keeping them on task!!
We've had a few fishing trips to our little fishin' hole! You can see on Cami's line that we have had good luck catching. .but they aren't always big enough to keep!! (is that the cutest little ole boat you've seen. .I'd LOVE to plant me some stuff in that!!) The boys went striper fishing at Lake Texoma in Oklahoma. .they caught their limits. .and we have enjoyed their catch!! The older boys were sure glad to take some of their fish supply home to their house to figure out how to cook it on their own!! I wished them the best!
8th grade boys (most of them) with their mamas!! Fun picture.
The big boys are now settling into their own new routines.
Tristan is learning a ton and loving all the new stuff he is getting to do
Devin and some of his best buddies
Grant is 3 weeks into his job at Kenworth and is working long hours. .but absolutely loving the work and all the learning he is doing as well. We look forward to seeing them over the weekend before the 4th.
We miss the older two tremendously. .
But we are settling into a routine with these two. .
And are thankful (nearly always) that they will keep us young for a while yet to come!!
Until next time. .
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Such a great update. Everyone seems to be enjoying life.

  2. I miss your big boys too! Watching them adult is sure something, isn't it?