Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Proud Mama Moment. .

The weather is definitely changing around here!!
Last week the temps dropped about 30 degrees over the course of 2 days. .
Our homecoming was on Friday. .
And the high was 52 degrees with our ever-present wind. .
Making it seem EXTRA chilly!
With homecoming. .
Came lots of float building for the boys!
The seniors recycled their prom decorations for their float. .
Which this mom thought was a GREAT idea!
Their theme for prom was "Return to Neverland"
Tristan and a handful of other artistic guys spent HOURS building this crocodile for the corner of the dance floor. .
It made the front of the recycled boat on their float (you know, kind of like those big Viking ships). .
With a couple of clever sentiments like "Sink the Lancers" and "Knock the Ship out of them."
(I actually hadn't read the signs until I was looking through my photos late in the night. .my giggles may have kept some from sleeping)
Here is the junior float. .
which. .
got 4th place (out of 4).
 You can see Grant sitting on the float right above the big J.
It took them significantly less time to build theirs ;-)
Grant is a little antisocial like his father. .
and he was NOT going to ride the float. .
with no amount of coaxing from me. .
About a hour before the parade. .
he found out all his buddies were riding. .
And out the door he went. .
Looks like he was having a good time to me!!
Tristan was a homecoming candidate. .
And he seemed to enjoy all the fun stuff that went along with that. .
Like competing in the pep rally against the other candiates. .
I'm not sure the lipstick was his color. .
But Brenna's aim was pretty good!
Devin and Cami wanted to be a part of the festivities too. .
And picked up Cami's friend Elizabeth early on in the parade!!
She was yelling Hey Mom!
I always wanted to be the one CATCHING the candy. .
But around here. .
They all want to be the ones THROWING the candy!!
Here are a few more of my photos of the day. .
Back to the "obstacle course" of events for the little candidate competition. .
Not only did the queens blindfold-apply lipstick to their guys,
They had to use their mouth only. .
 to eat the gummy worm under a mountain of whipping cream!
Brenna nearly puked right on the spot!
Guzzling a huge red gatorade. .
nearly made Tristan puke right on the spot!
They were dead last. .
and not a BIT ashamed!!
It was a fun afternoon for all the kids. .
And a chance for them to shine!
Gametime was a L-I-T-T-L-E cool. .
And all the kids were shivering and shaking. .
I finally called out to Tristan with my infinte MOM wisdom. .
To put his arm around his princess to warm her up. .
Cause that would be the loving, gentlemanly thing to do. .
Which illicited a few Awwwws and some smiles from the crowd. .
The other picture I took showed her throwing her arm around him and nudging up as close to him as she could. .
It was a sweet thing to watch!
They are two of my very favorite kids in the world!
Anyway. .
No crowns for our house. .
But a fun experience for Mr. Tristan. .
And. .
the important thing is. .
he is the son of the one True King. .
Which will forever make him royalty in this mama's eyes!!
Thanks for ooohhing and aaaahhhhing over our pictures. .
Have a GREAT weekend. .
one more week until the official arrival of FALL ya'll!!