Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Kansas Native Wildflower Weekend

Hey Friends!!
Hope this writing finds everyone well, and enjoying some delicious weather!!
This past weekend found most of our family enjoying the great outdoors in one fashion or another. .
This girl and I. .
attended a really great event. .
Sponsored by the Kansas Native Plant Society.
Every year, interested persons group together in one part of the state. .
And enjoy the comradery of fellow flower enthusiasts. .
As they listen to expert lectures, go through business meeting essentials. .
And our favorite part. .
Field trips!
This year it was held in Pratt. .
Not too far from us.
And I KNEW. .
that the locations within the scenic Red Hills would be amazing!
We were NOT disappointed!
Cami and I drove up on Friday afternoon for the field trips. .
The first stop included a nature museum in Pratt.
There were lots of stuffed Kansas animal and bird specimens. .
Exhibits displaying live fish, reptiles, and this one showing common bird eggs and nests.
They also have a small native plant garden that this bee hive works to pollinate.
It is a little hard to see, but to Cami's far right, you can see an oak framed tube.
It comes out from the bottom of this bee hive, goes around the wall. .
And the bees go outside through a hole in the wall about the size of a golf ball. .
Very  COOL. .
for little people and big people alike!
While we were inside the museum. .
I heard someone call my name. .
I was fairly certain it was the gardener whom I follow from the blog Gaia Garden.
She recognized Miss Cami!!
We enjoyed catching up and getting to know each other for the rest of the afternoon.
She was a gracious and patient teacher to my little girl. .
And Cami enjoyed every personal minute of her time!!
They were using a stick to lift up a pile of cow poo to see what kind of bugs they could find under it. .
And she taught her some things about taking pictures as well!!
We found this ginormous spider on Friday afternoon. .
and then saw quite a few more like it throughout our weekend. .
Miss Gaia gave it some really long name. .
And I know she will forgive me for forgetting!!
Cami and I ate dinner with 75 other gardeners in Sun City Kansas that night. .
And then headed for our own beds!!
We went a little late on Saturday. .
in hopes of missing part of the stuff that a 6 year old would most definitely NOT enjoy.
But she REALLY enjoyed the nature aspect of the weekend. .
Rocks. .
Sticks. .
Butterflies and bugs. .
What is NOT to love about that!!
One of the things that I was looking forward to most. .
Was meeting up with the Gardener from Sherlock Street.
Cami was our photographer. .no faces here but check the LUSCIOUS Kansas clouds!!
It was SO great to catch up on life with her. .
From "meeting her" online. .
To trying to answer the questions from my teenager about WHY I would invite a stranger to our house a few years ago. .
Through lots of garden related emails over the last several years. .
And multiple mail service plant swaps. .
She has proved to be a GREAT friend. .
And there is always plenty to visit about!
She showed me new ways to use my camera. .
With stunning results. .
The three of us (and one 1/2 pint) wandered around all afternoon. .
observing. .
teaching and learning. .
visiting. .
and laughing!!
It was an incredible weekend!!
We headed home Saturday night, even though the tours extended into Sunday. .
We were provoked to go check out our own little patch of nature. .
Finding plenty of flowers that I had NO idea we had (including snow on the mountain!!)!!
And hubby took us "ditch diving" on the hunt for THIS flower. .
so I could collect some seed and try to get some growing in an area that I hope to plant with native grasses and flowers.
Look how these little guys are growing!! Faster than my kids!!
All in all. .
a FABULOUS weekend. .
Very refreshing for our souls!!
Wishing you all a BLESSED last week of September!!


  1. What a great time together. I hope to get to my flower and friend photos this week. I'll be making a list of some natives I hope to find for my beds. Is that clammy-weed in the photo? It's beautiful with its color and that sky. You packed a lot of new things in for Cami. Good photos of her out in the prairie! So good to see you and our friend from Gaia Garden. The three of us look pretty awesome too. ;-)

  2. Oh my gosh!! LOOK at you GIRLS!!! I'm bummed I had to skip out! =( Love the pictures and wish I could have gone!!!