Monday, September 8, 2014

And We're Off. .

Summer is officially over now. .
School is well underway. .
And the schedules are filling up!
This past Saturday. .
was a PERFECT day. .
to be at the races.
Sunny, a mild breeze and highs in the low 80's.
Grant won the high school division. .
He is not supposed to run the 1/4 mile track in less than 12.00 seconds. .
He was going 111 MPH this round. .
And had one round that he actually was faster than that. .
With all the harnessing and helmets and suits and an ambulance on site. .
I don't get too wound up about it. .
Football was more dangerous than this!!
 Jeremy didn't do so hot. .
And had a mild breakdown. .
(with his car. .not his temper)
He didn't do badly. .
Everyone else just did better!!
The purple nova runs in two classes. .
Grant drives it in the high school division. .
And Tristan takes it in a different class. .
He didn't have a good day either as the car seemed to be performing faster than he thought it should.
I'd explain it. .
but I can't!
This girl. .
Is the official photographer!
Couldn't resist!
It's always more fun for me when there are other people there that I know!!
These 3 brothers are good, long time friends. .
And the girls. .
had a blast!!
My friend Lindsay and I took these two downtown. .
In the hopes of scoring pedicures. .
We were the unlucky ones, as all the salons were full. .
So they had to settle for scooters and movies!!
I tried to get a photo of my guys. .
Yes. .he is trying to kiss him!
Which was better than the response that I usually get!
Lindsay even snagged one of us all!
Kansas may have temperamental weather. .
But it has PHENOMENAL sunsets!!
And they are even more glorious when you can be outside enjoying every moment of it!
In other news. .
I am the proud mama to 15 little guinea keets. .
They chirped their way into the post office on Friday. .
And are living in a box in my kitchen for now.
I am hopeful. .
that they are harder on insects than they are on gardens!!
If so. .
our chicken population will start to decrease. .
One BBQ at a time!
They are fun to watch. .
and so are the kids and the hubby. .
as they stop every time they walk by to cuddle or coo!
This one will have senior pictures in a few weeks. .
We took a drive out to the ranch last weekend to scout some locations for the perfect photos!
We'll also do family pictures that night!
It's been THREE years since we had official photos done!!
Time flies, eh?
The scenery out there is rugged and truly breathtaking. .
Summer was good to the land and vegetation!
We've also had some breathing time to just sit around our little pond. .
There are SOOO many frogs in it. .
I know I  mentioned it not long ago. .
but every time we walk, they hop, hop, hop into the pond. .
There are some mighty large ones too!
We have a few little wildlife adventures planned this month. .
Involving pelican migration and wildflowers. .
And respite for our souls!!
Which is always good. .
Enjoy your week!


  1. Pelicans? My FAVORITE!!! Oh, I am sooooooooo ready to be "released" by the doctor and get my bags packed for adventures again. Please, please take plenty of photos!!

    And I always look forward to updates on your wonderful family. You guys always look SO happy

  2. Awww. I love your babies. And your fat frogs!! =)

  3. More fun times for your crew. Nice family photo. Enjoy the guineas. I've always thought they were too cute!