Friday, December 20, 2013

Romans. .Week 3. .Discussion

Hello. .
Hope you have all had a good and productive week! More than that though. .
I hope that you all have MADE time to be in the book of Romans!!
 At this time of the year. .
it’s easy to make excuses and find other things that seem more necessary than that!
Try and stick with me for 10 more days. .the book of James will be easier!!
 I’ll say. .I’m feeling a bit guilty for the lack of stuff I have given you to consider this past month. .
as well as the lack of extra material that might help make sense of where Paul is coming from!
There were a few things that I was captivated with. .
as MY marching orders from the Word this week. .
Romans 1:9 tells us that Paul served God with all his heart (NLT) many other versions state it that he served in his spirit or with his spirit. .
I prefer those translations. .mostly because. .
I think I can SERVE God. .in MY own selfish spirit. .
but I believe this verse is saying that Paul served God with the Spirit. .
the Holy Spirit leading his acts of service. .
Don’t we all find. .that sometimes. .
we are just doing things to get them over with??
Sometimes our attitudes reflect that (or mine does anyway). .
it is a burden, a hassle, a time-sucker. .maybe it isn’t something that I even want to do!!
 But I notice (even with this bible study). .that when I am serving IN the Spirit. .
it is joy producing, it isn’t work, the words just flow etc. .
when I am serving in MY spirit. .it can be frustrating, time consuming and irritating!
I really believe. .that a little prayer to the Almighty in these situations. .
in thanksgiving for the ABILITY to serve. .
as well as petitions to be ABLE to serve in His spirit. .
will greatly improve the outcomes for each of us!
Try it and let me know what you think J
The other verses that just really hit home. .
were from 8:6, 13. .really the whole chapter of 8. .
It was that whole correlation with the mind and the spirit that I think I spoke of the other day!!
This last couple weeks has just been FILLED with situations. .
and people. .and issues. .
and frustrations. .and it is SO easy for me. .
to fill my mind with the things of this world. .
how I would handle the situations in my FLESH. .
and I can easily make UP situations to make me madder than if I would have just gone on about my business. .Romans 8 reminds us that we MUST fill our mind with the things of above. .
I believe that to include what we hear with our ears. .
what we look at with our eyes. .
who we spend the majority of our hours with (and I know you understand how draining that can be when the negativity of those people sucks the life out of YOU too!)
When we fill our mind with the Spirit. .we PLEASE the Spirit (8:5). 
 And I always feel better too! I think that I love the MOST. .
8:15 we did NOT receive a Spirit that will make us slaves to fear. .
we received the Spirit of GOD. .
and we should act like proud children of God. .
and seek to make Him proud of Him. .
So. .this weekend. .
let us know a verse that stuck out to you about what your responsibility to God is. .
I’m also REALLY curious. .Is ANYONE else. .
finding them in the middle of situations that are requiring them to make a CONSCIENCE decision to follow what Christ says. .
and what our flesh wants to do, or what the world says we should do??
You know. .One more little very profound thought that hit me this morning. .
I have maintained up to RECENTLY. .that God will allow us to be tested. .
to see what type of decision we will make. .
but I think I am wrong about that. .
This morning. .I felt like the Spirit was just impressing on me. .
that He ALREADY knows what decision I will make in each situation. .
He allows me to be tested so that I can know what type of decision I will make. .
He asked Adam and Eve in the garden (after they had eaten the fruit and were hiding in all their nakedness) “Adam, where are you?”
Now. .God is GOD. .He already KNEW where Adam was. .
and what he was doing. .and why he was doing it. .
He wanted Adam to know it!!
And He knows where you and I live our life. .
and what we are TRULY standing on. .
and what we will do or say when the heat is on. .
I think He wants US to know. .
Have a great weekend friends!!
Love to all Melanie

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