Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Romans. .week 1. .Fast Fact

Wanted to share a couple of interesting cultural facts with you this morning. .
these trinkets were taken from my chronological study bible notes from early into chapter 1. .
Rome was the capital of the Roman Empire that had spread over most of Europe, North Africa, and the Near East. In New Testament times, Rome was experiencing a golden age. The city was wealthy, literary, and artistic. It was a cultural center, but it was also morally decadent. The Romans worshipped many pagan (pagan is just a word for people who don’t believe in A God. .they believed in many gods) gods, and even some of the emperors were worshiped. In stark contrast to the Romans, the followers of Christ believed in only one God and lived by his high moral standards.
Christianity was also at odds with the Romans’ dependence on military strength. Many Romans were naively pragmatic, believing that any means to accomplish the intended task was good. And for them, nothing worked better than physical might. The Romans trusted in their strong military power to protect them against all enemies. Christians in every age need to be reminded that God is the only permanent source of our security and salvation, and at the same time he is “our Father”!
How many times do we as self-sufficient human beings. .
tend to rely on things other than God to protect us??
Our finances, our plans, our family, our friends??
Or worse yet. .our OWN self?? It is certainly tempting!!
I’m certain that we can’t even fathom the magnitude of idol worship of various gods such as what went on in that era. .
but I’m sure it was beyond our wildest imagination. .and not very pretty either!!
Finally. .I found this next truth to be quite profound. .
because I hadn’t put 2 and 2 together to make the connection myself. .
In verse 1:10. .
we find Paul praying for the opportunity to go to Rome to see the church in person. .
there are also a few other places within the epistles. .
that Paul describes his intent to go to Rome. .
and each time he noted that HIS plan was ultimately thwarted by God. .
My study bible makes this note. .
When you pray continually about a concern, don’t be surprised at how God answers. Paul prayed to visit Rome so he could teach the Christians there. When he finally arrived in Rome, it was as a prisoner (see Acts 28:16). Paul prayed for a safe trip, and he did arrive safely—after getting arrested, slapped in the face, shipwrecked, and bitten by a poisonous snake. When we sincerely pray, God will answer-although in His timing and sometimes in ways that we do not expect!!
I know that people. .many people. .
find the bible to be “boring”. .
but the more I read, and remember, and learn. .
the more that the stories, like this one, as they come together in my mind are just FASCINATING!! You can find the story for yourself unfolding through Acts 27-28!!
Hoping that God is speaking in mighty ways to your hearts as you work through the book of Romans. .
and you might consider reading at least a few chapters in different translations as you go too!
So. . .on to the weekly FAST FACT!!
What is the best vacation that you have ever had??
I LOVE vacations!! But my husband’s idea of vacation and MY idea of vacation. .
are much different!! I want to go and do and see and taste. .
anything and everything that I have never had access to before. .
anything that seems weird or foreign or crazy!
Him. .low key, on the water, same activities year after year after YEAR J
So. .we have been fortunate enough to make some compromises over the last few years. .
and have REALLY enjoyed a few short little vacations without kids. .
my favorite. .
TOTALLY the trip that we took with our friends Lane and Cindy a couple years ago to New York City. .
We enjoyed sightseeing. .a carriage ride back to our hotel. .
dining on sushi (which even HE loved). .
trying new cocktails (saki, a Japanese wine. .NASTY. .don’t waste your time. .better yet, go to your medicine cabinet and take a big swig of the rubbing alcohol bottle in there. .now you have tasted Saki!). .
we learned how to call for a taxi and to navigate street maps! Central Park in fall foliage is AMAZING. .and so are lamb gyros from the street vendors!!
Oh. .and a lovely photo next to Dum Dum from Night at the Museum!
Can’t wait to hear your stories!!
Enjoy your day!!


  1. My favorite is what I still refer to as THE TRIP OF MY LIFE..a few years ago Russ was working in Dublin Ireland for Dell.He asked if I would come for a visit.So i prepared for a solid year.sold everything I could bear to part with in the Mother of all garage sales.sold nearly $1000.00 worth of jelly (plums were abundant that year).saved EVERY single penny I could put my hands on.bought a passport and an international plane ticket and could barley contain family got VERY TIRED of me.talking and planning and searching the web.for travel tips, and things to do in IRELAND.I wanted to do, see, taste, drink, smell and EXPERIENCE as much as I could.THEN.Russ asked if I wanted to go to PARIS yes, paRIs !!! while I was was cheap for Christmas that year he bought us tickets from Dublin to Paris for 89 EURO.unheard of.I was then DOUBLE excited.I would be with him for 9 days.My family around me got EVEN more bored with my plans.My feelings were could they not be excited with/for me..WELL>I traveled ALL ALONE from Coldwater,Wichita, to ATlanta where I proceeded to fly across the ocean in the WORST storm EVER...and experience ( MUCH to my MORTIFICATION) air sickness to the fullest extent.I threw up for nearly 9 hours.and the crew was worried about me.. hugged the pilot in Dublin.. hit the ground running..literally.we walked EVERYWHERE to save money.only the the bus and taxi for long distances.some days we walked as much as 17 miles...he is a full 1 FOOT taller than me.of I kinda of jogged.we went ALL over IRELAND * you can cross the entire country in less than 4 hours, castles, churches, pubs, food and beer.I tried all kinds and I am NOT a drinker but I wanted to taste IRELAND to the fullest.THEN we flew to PARIS.oh my the french stole my heart.the EIFFEL tower, that I climbed EVERY. SINGLE STEP to the top(the line was WAY shorter to climb rather than ride to the top) and it was snowing. Russ says try NOT to act too AMERICAN.!then we climbed up to Napoleons 'little' monument later and watched that tower light up at night.AWESOME.I saw the Mona Lisa and ART that is beyond compare, crepes to die for, wine and PASTA and george strait on the radio in the WILDEST cab ride ever and little children on a bus watching the WIZARD of OZ.when I told them I was from KANSAS.they took pictures with us.and asked if I was Dorothy?Paris for 3 in the spring..with him who had been there 3 times so he KNEW his way around.NO cell phone.I took 568 photos.It truly is one the the most cherished times of my life.I was proud that I could do all that and come through customs with only a ;SLIGHT; problem with the feminine products that were all over all of my luggage (I guess drugs are smuggled in those items all the time...I HAD NO IDEA --I was in peri-menopause in a foreign country with 3 25 year old 'boys' and was NOT ABOUT to EVER have to purchase any so I had them in every purse, suitcase, I GOT a VERY SPECIAL search in 2 customs stops( Dublin and Atlanta).to say I was TERRIFIED is an understatement.they confiscated all of them and let fly home) to find the airline in turmoil and I spent nearly 24 hours and 5 gates changes to get out of luggage was with me.wahoo.I got home to Wichita and my little car looked like a MUSHROOM on the was spring break when I left and the parking lot was was pouring rain and took me nearly 15 mins to walk to the car...and drive home soaking wet.I slept for 17 solid hours and have yet to have some of my relatives ask about the photos.cause I am so ob nox ous.about it.I would do it again in a second.I had my passport out for decoration in my house for 2 years cause I was so excited that I had traveled abroad.My other favorite trip was to see the Biltmore ESTATE and the Smokey Mountains.Ashville could be my home..sorry to take so much of this space.but it REALLY REALLY was THE TRIP OF MY LIFE!!!!! I might add I prayed ALOT going over that ocean.between barf bags.

  2. Vacations are something we don't really do. When the kids were younger, we would get away for a 4 day weekend before school began but that was about it. We would occasionally go to Grandparents during Christmas. We were always too poor to do something big and then when we could afford it, the timing with cattle always got in the way. I'm pleased that my kids are now taking vacations..

    My recent trip to Annapolis MD was absolutely perfect! I went alone to visit Amy and Ryan, to see where they live and to just get much needed mom and daughter time (Amy recently experienced a miscarriage :( ). I think going alone, having real deep heart to heart talks with my daughter/friend, laughing and crying bonded us with a deeper love/respect/friendship for each other. I love that girl!! It also gave me a greater respect for her Ryan…

    We were wanting to join Steve in Israel while he is there next semester but alas… the funds will not be available :(