Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Romans. .Week 2. .Fast Fact

Good morning. .hope your week is treating you well so far!!
True to my word Monday. .not a lot of information forthcoming this morning. .
I did hear this song last week. .
thinking that it went along so well with our challenge to put off the old creature and put on our new nature in Christ. .
if you have time listen to the song as you read the lyrics scroll across the screen. .
for me. .
I can really appreciate the words better when I am quiet as I listen and read to the tune. .
hope this is just what you all need this morning!! Redeemed by Big Daddy Weave
So this morning. .the fast fact is. .

If you could change ONE thing about yourself. .what would it be?

Ready. .GO!
So. .how difficult is THAT??
One thing?? JUST one?? After some careful consideration. .
My answer is this thing. .

My tendency to make an assumption and BLOW before completely assessing the situation. .

Yikes!! I’m not as bad to other people. .
but within the confines of my own home. .look OUT!!
Next month. .we will get to dear James. .in 1:19. .
he reminds us to be. .Quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger. .
I CONSTANTLY get those mixed around. .I have read books on fixing that. .
I have tried fixing that in my own power. .
but what I am discovering is this. .it is from an overflow of the heart. .
when I am frazzled, stressed, distracted, worn down, or annoyed about something else. .
that tendency is worse. .
as I focus more on my relationship with God. .and try to abide in Him. .
that extra patience just comes more naturally. .
I’ve been able to stop mid sentence recently. .
and even apologized for blowing before I had the whole story. .humbling indeed!! 
And. .as an encouragement to you all. .there are some things about myself. .
that a few years ago would have topped the list. .
that God HAS changed in me. .
one step at a time friends. .one step at a time!!
If we’ve taken any time at all to analyze our hearts over the last few days of discussion. .
maybe it won’t take too long for you all to come up with something!!
I’ll take it one step further today. .
Start committing that ONE thing to God. .every day. .
and see if He doesn’t make a miracle out of it in your life!!
Enjoy this middle of the week day!!


  1. "Redeemed" is one of my favorites…LOVE that song!!

    One thing I would change about me…
    I procrastinate… Why do it now when I can do it later… there is so much undone in my day, my life…
    I need to remember that time lost is gone forever.
    I will read the word later, I will post later (I feel awful about my lack of time spent here!), I will exercise later, I will do laundry later, I will do___________ later …fill in the blank with almost anything (except eating!) and then things pile up and I become stressed and angry.

    I plan in my head and have very good intentions but good intentions mean nothing… Using my time wisely is a huge frustration to me!

  2. Oh my Melanie...yes I will have to give this one some thought today while I'm running around doing errands and cleaning house. There are a few things I would like to work on...and they are not even necessarily serious issues. I would really love to be more efficient at my job...which is a homemaker. That is definitely something I can pray about.

  3. Thanks for sharing ladies. .I know it always helps me to have to "own" my own issues!! Otherwise, it's just too easy to let them slide!