Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Time Marches On

Celebration time occurs in the month of March around our house!! Mr Grant celebrated several days over the last week with friends and family. He is excited to be 14 now. .mainly, because in Kansas. .that means that he can get a driver's license because he lives on a farm. And when he gets something in his head. .he just will NOT let it go (Jeremy says he gets that from me. .I'm not sure I was ever that obstinant about it!!) I finally told him that we are not concerned about driving him to the next town for the testing and driving UNTIL school is out. .and not a day before that!! That simmered him down a little. .for a week or two maybe!
He was pretty excited with his gift. .a new paintball gun!! Tristan had used some of his money to buy a used one, with accessories from his youth group leader last month. We have the perfect set-up here for the kids to use their paint ball stuff. .lots of trees and hiding places. .if safety rules are adhered!!
His dad couldn't resist trying it either. .It has some fire to it.  Last weekend, when I went out to the greenhouse, I noticed that there were orange paint splatters ALL over the south side of it. .you can see the greenhouse in the background. .Tristan. .not thinking, as is his usual habit. .fired off his gun from the deck, enjoying the orange splats on the clear greenhouse panes. .what he DIDN'T bank on though. .was the ability of those little splatting balls. .to actually make small HOLES in the outer ply of the greenhouse wall. I yelled SOOO loudly at him when I made that discovery. .that I'm certain the neighbors down the road heard me. .and it provoked Jeremy to venture out of his shop to see what the commotion was about. The boy has a lot of free labor ahead of him in the near future, so he can replace the panes. He cleaned up the paint (which washes off easily. .it's like a detergent with food coloring in it) and caulked the holes with something. So, other than the fact that the caulking looks hideous. .the greenhouse is still very functional. I'm sure I inherited a few more gray hairs out of that mess!!
We ended his big day with a BBQ on a day that TRULY felt like spring. .75 degrees with a light breeze!! As per usual, Great Grandma Pat brought all the kids a gift to open!!
New kaleidescopes for all. .Jeremy was manning the camera at this point. .which is a whole other story! Grant racked up some $$ so he can now supply his own paintballs. .ha!
Our parties are getting a little smaller..without two of the great grandparents there. .and that still holds a degree of sadness for all!! We were so grateful for the beautiful weather so the kids could enjoy the great outdoors. Jeremy ended up being the hostess for the majority of the party this time.  As our last guests were settling in to the house, my baby brother called to see "if I had heard anything about my dad." Odd question  I thought, since I had just spoken with my sister in law for quite a while the hour before Nick's call and nothing had come up. As it turned out. .my dad had flipped his four wheeler over and was being taken to the hospital. Within a couple of hours, I had talked to all my siblings and most of their spouses putting pieces of the events together, one detail at a time.
While hunting coyotes with his buddies, he had flipped his four wheeler. .was found planted face down in the dirt, not really breathing. Roused somewhat by the time the ambulance picked him up and took into the nearest town. Life-flighted to Wichita with a head injury. Ultimately, found to have some small bleeding areas in the head. My 3 siblings and I managed schedules around to be available to them throughout the week. As of today, he is alert a little more, recognizes the family that is there now, and knows he is in a hospital. .all improvements over yesterday. I am eager to get there later this afternoon and lay eyes on everything myself!
Blessings to you all this week. .
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  1. Prayers for your dad!! Sounds scary! I can't believe these boys are 14!

  2. BTW-ran to Dodge with Michelle Saturday and noticed they had those algae eaters at Wal-Mart.

  3. So sorry about your Dad! Praying for a speedy recovery, and a calm to your nerves!

  4. Oh Melanie...I hope your Dad recovers completely and quickly. You must have been so scared and worried to hear the news. I totally feel for you! That's your Daddy and that is a scary feeling! Praying for him! Also Happy Birthday to your son!!

  5. First of all, I hope your dad is continuing a good recovery. I am sorry I haven't checked in lately. I went down with a cold/sinus thing and tuned out much of the world for awhile.
    I'm surprised you aren't down one son after the greenhouse incident. As you said, the paint gun has some power.
    Blessings for you all.

  6. Reading this quite a bit later - been thinking of you and your family a lot. God bless you all.

  7. Oh my goodness! How scary is that! I'm so glad your dad is doing better. Even the "big" boys you have to look out after. Sending prayers for your dad to have a full recovery.