Thursday, March 1, 2012

In like a Lamb. .

You know the 'ole saying. .
If March come in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb. .
Or maybe that is just a saying in Kansas. .
where the wind blows ALL the time!!
March 1st in southwest Kansas came in like a lamb. .
. .which means. .
It's goin' out like a lion!!
I'm calling for a do-over!!
All week the wind has blown. .
and howled. .
. .and I was gettin' excited for March to come in like a lion, so the end of the month would be nice. .and warm. .and wind-FREE!
The wind has been SO bad that it has caused rational people to do irrational things. .
like park the tractor with its loader bucket on TOP of the trampoline that Santa dropped out of the sky. .
to prevent it from re-joining him at the North Pole. 
But today??
Today was INCREDIBLE!!
The high was around 75. .
the sun was shining. .
there was a mild breeze through our hair. .
well, those of us that still have our hair! 
I got my fingernails dirty. .
we got a little exercise. .
and I felt some excitement in my heart that has been lacking the last few weeks!!
The birds were really chattery. .
and so was this crew!! 
As the gorgeous afternoon gave way to evening. .
this bunch got adventurous. .and sassy!!
"Look how high I am". . 
"Yeah, well. .I can do this. ." 
"yeah. .well check THIS". . 
"And THIS!". . 
"Really guys. .REALLY? Look at MY stuff". . 
I'm so thankful for FOUR seasons. .but I sure like this upcoming one the best!!
Wishing you all a GREAT weekend!
PS. .I SO enjoyed a leisurely stroll around the place this afternoon while the sun shone down. .Come back soon and see the things I found!!


  1. Looks like you all were having a great time! Oh to be young again. Glad that you all weren't involved in those horrible storms I saw on the news. Have fun!

  2. Nice pictures with the sunset behind

  3. Beautiful weather!!!! Love it!!! Heard on the news this morning that they are predicting a very active spring with tornadoes. Blah.

  4. I know it can still do anything from thunderstorm to blizzard, but these nice days sure are enjoyable! That wind, though, WOW.

  5. The kids get bigger in every picture! DJ