Saturday, March 3, 2012

I've Caught the Fever. .

I have seriously never considered myself to be one of those people that struggle with their moods during the winter. .The last few weeks I have just felt "blah"! I wasn't able to quite put my finger on it. .The sudden death of a good friend and mentor. .work issues. .kids. .my own as well as children that belong to other people. .miserably sick people every where I look. .I'm sure it could have been a number of things. .
BUT. .I was amazed that, after a couple hours of soaking up some warmth, enjoying new life, and getting my   hands in the dirt. .it felt like I could get a big, deep breath of refreshing air. .
and I found myself again!! It must have been more of a winter-blues issue than I thought! Whatever the reason, I'm glad to feel revived!! 
I wasn't the only one enjoying the sunshine and warmth this week though. I spent some time watching the fish bask in the light too!! In the next few weeks, we're going to try to catch some of this fish herd and relocate them. There are some goldfish with some nice coloring, but most of them are the common orangy-red variety, those will be the ones thinned out. Not really sure about the logistics, but we ended up with a LOT of little black babies last summer, some of which have a really cool glimmery gold tint to their backs. .some of them will get to stay too. .
The google eyed goldfish from PetSmart is the only black fish in here. I am guessing it played a role in this deal!! Though they don't have his crazy googly eyes. 
The area between the pond and the house survived the winter well. These little living stones are probably triple the size from when they were planted in August. .They are hardy to zone 6. .which is what we are. .but I've always tried to stick to plants hardy to zone 5. .a zone colder. These are on the south side of the house, among rocks and in front of some larger limestone rocks. .I am hoping the microclimate there is a little warmer!
Some day they will have little blooms on them. .I think they are cute little mats of succulents!
This agave isn't looking so hot. I have not given him any extra water. .so I'm not sure what his trouble is. .hoping he perks up. .the center looks good still, so maybe someone stepped on it!
The larkspur have grown many inches in the last couple weeks. .I think they may be ahead of schedule. I have found all the Naked Ladies that I planted from my mom a few years ago. They haven't bloomed since I replanted them. .which is common, since they don't like to be moved much. I am finding little clumps of them everywhere (those are the strap-like foliage in the center of the photo) I really hope they give up some blooms this August!
I was thrilled to find lots of the bulbs coming up that I planted last fall. The crocus are starting to bloom. The daffodils will be blooming shortly. The tulips are peeking through, and the hyacinths have buds too. I have also located some things that I know I planted, but I have no idea what they are. .it will be fun to watch them evolve and remind me!
I am picking a small handful of cherry tomatoes every other day or so. The tomato seedlings will need transplanting this weekend. More sprouts are visible in the wintersown pots. .and some of the flowers and veggies I sowed in the greenhouse are coming along. The garlic patch looks great. .and it will soon be time to plant some potatoes!! 
I'm sure looking forward to the regular walkabouts. .checking in on the progress!!

Looks like we are in for a beautiful, breezy weekend here in the Land of Oz!!
Enjoy your weekend too, wherever you are!


  1. I struggle every stinkin year. It starts just after Christmas and by February I am just miserable. BUT! I have started to feel better, since its no longer dark anymore when I get off work and I can get some "me" outside time. I seriously think it has something to do with the sun on my part.
    Wow--that little googley eyed fish is a little stud!! ;) Be anxious to see what some of those babies look like as they get older.

  2. Parking the tractor with its loader bucket on TOP of the trampoline is crazy but works! I totally understand. The wind has been awful. I spent lamb like March 1 in the garden finishing some clean up of perennials I had left for the winter and pulling hen bit.
    I've felt the blahs of winter. Sunshine and dirt really help. So glad you got some of both and that everyone enjoyed the trampoline.
    Your larkspur are so tall! I have quite a bit sprouting from those transplants last year. Yea!!!!
    Wishing it would rain but glad we haven't had any nasty weather like some places.

  3. What time of year did you transplant the naked ladies? I'm wanting to transplant some from a friend's mother's yard, but I keep putting it off thinking that "next season will be better."

    I've never thought of my self as a SAD (seasonal affective disorder) person either, but I certainly do feel better when I can just walk out and wonder around the garden, soaking up the fresh smell of soil and growing things.

  4. Gaia. .I think we transplanted my mom's in late summer. .she remembered where they were, so we just dug and ran into them. From what I have read, they won't bloom for 2-3 years after that anyway, so I'm not sure why you couldn't transplant some now, when you could see the foliage. I planted bulbs in several different areas of the yard, hoping that at least one clump would find conditions that it liked!! Good luck!

  5. Enjoyed this post and pictures! Especially the crocus. And I like that "living stone" plant. And the tomatoes. Glad spring is "springing." :)

  6. Yes it is good to get out and feel the sunshine on your face. We are having pollen season early here. It is everywhere. I guess there isn't going to be a spring here. Ha ha!