Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Rolling Thrones

We attend a small community church out in the country. A few years ago, a few motivated parents started a junior high youth group to accommodate the aging population of our kids. This is our 3rd year now, and it just gets to be more fun every year. 
Now, I'll bet you wouldn't have expected to see this photo in a church related post. .but it's just one example of the things that small town-folk do to have a little fun!
Our game of the evening was a toilet bowl race. My team went first. .so they had to figure a few technical things out as they went. .
. .like how to make the corner around the tree without the toilet and its rider flying off the wagon. .
. .they are slow learners. .cause they tipped it over about 5 different times. .maybe more. Finally the toilet tank fell completely off, as you'll note in the above photo (impeccable photo timing, I might add). .
. .and by the wayside it went!!
The seat didn't last too many more rounds either. .and quickly became apparel. I think it totally makes his outfit, don't you?!
Each kid had to be a toilet rider. And the rest of them pushed, pulled, or hung on to the toilet. (ya know, AFTER they figured out that centrifical force is a REAL deal!!)
The groups were timed. .and those teams having less members, had to run extra laps to make it even. They were judged first on speed. .
. .and second on their individual riding styles!!
Conrad was the "poise" winner. .as he calmly read a hymnal while
Grant and Michale pulled him along. .
Before we started, we divided the kids into their small group assignments. They will be part of these groups for the first half of the year before mixing them up and redrawing groups for the second half. Each group made up a name for their individual groups AND a name to call the winners of the toilet race. Then we voted on which title the winning toilet team would carry. .

The choices. .
Professional Pickled Power Poopers. .
King/queen of the Throne. .
The Porcelain Dominators
 AND the winning choice. .
The Rolling Thrones!!
HAHAHAHA! That one still makes me giggle!
The winners of the speed contest was Dale's group "Gump (Stupid is as Stupid does)"
We let the other two groups take an honorary photo with the beaten toilet. .
Dave and Monika's team. .The "BrainFarts."
And my favorites (cause this is MY group)
"Adrenalin!" A name NOT chosen by me :-)
Our group of great youth and dedicated leaders!!

So the next time you are driving down a back-highway to nowhere. .and you see a bunch of people chasing toilets on wagons. .
Say a prayer for them, but pay them NO attention. .
They probably just didn't have anything better to do!

Blessings to you all. .and thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Now that just totally rocks! Becky, your boy has impeckable taste when it comes to fashion...Grin. What a great group to work with, and the friendship/fellowship with the sponsors continues to grow. DJ

  2. OK, "The Rolling Thrones" just made me laugh! Looks like a good bunch - kids and grownups alike! Have a great year!

  3. Oh my! I've seen it all now! That is too funny! I'll bet the kids had a blast doing that!

  4. OMGosh!!....buhahahaha...oh my gosh I can't stop laughing. We are so proud of that boy! ;P
    I may need copies of those!!

  5. Now there are some BIG smiles! What fun. And who comes up with these ideas?!?!?!

  6. Like no post I've ever scene but totally cracked me up. That's a special group of kids. You're very blessed to be part of their lives.

  7. I already commented on this post...but as soon as I finished reading your most recent post about oatmeal and I came across this post again...I just wanted to say...this is the oddest thing I have seen on a blog...or in person...hahahaha! I say this with niceness not meanness..I swear it. LOL

  8. Ha ha! You all are crazy out there! Just kidding! Our church a few years ago had a fund raised the involved an old toilet. In the dark of night we placed an old toilet in certain peoples yards. It was so much fun!
    Great memories!

  9. There is always a way to have fun no matter where you are. Ha! I remember bed race contest between the dorms in college.

  10. Jr Hi is a crazy world of it's own, a special brief moment in their lives - so good to see them coming our way each week and wonderful leaders who love them and show them Jesus! Thanks for the pictures! It's ALL worth it! Sorry Tristin is having a time with his foot - oxox