Saturday, July 23, 2011

What is THIS???

This morning at 9:30 it was 103. I don't even know why I looked, but I did. I rolled my eyes and muttered something under my breath and went outside to move the water hoses around. The high for today was to be 106. .with a 20% chance of rain tonight. We have had a lot of "20% chances" of rain over the last 2 months. .I think to keep people hopeful for the moisture. At our place, we've had not quite an inch of precipitation since Christmas.
As we were eating lunch, we noticed clouds forming to the south. And really paid them very little attention until we saw the first raindrops! 
Initially, I called this photo pathetic (which was why I grabbed my camera to start with!) but now am calling it a divine blessing!
Cami didn't even remember rain. This was new fun for her!! She ran around like a crazy girl with her big brothers. They even ran through the water standing in the side of the driveway all the way to the road. 
Jeremy took a break from tuning up our vehicles to stand in the rain, drenching himself and soaking it up.
We got 4 tenths of an inch from the first shower. Then we enjoyed watching the second storm move in. You might notice the faint line separating the sky. .the darker area is where the rain was, and the boys were impressed to watch the leading edge of the rain move until we were getting soaked again.
We had enough to make puddles. . . 
And ended up just shy of an inch of rain throughout the afternoon. And my inlaws 2 miles away received 2 1/2 inches!!
And all of us are happy!!
Praise the Lord!!


  1. This is awesome!! What a great post. Thank you God for the rain.
    I love that everyone went out to embrace and enjoy the rain. Your garden will reward you with blooms. It is amazing what that rain will do.

  2. Yes, praise God! So thankful y'all got some good rain! I saw it on the radar. :) Praying the weather patterns will change and start sending regular showers through this whole area. Enjoy!

  3. This is awesome! Gives me hope that we might get some of the forecasted rains. LOVED your photos of that long forgotten RAIN.

  4. That's wonderful!! Just when you begin to lose hope, things start looking up. I bet you imagined you could hear sizzling when those first drops hit the ground. Your plants will perk up now!

  5. At least someone is getting rain!!! I don't think the 5 sprinkles we got in town are going to do much for my lawn...oh well, when we do get some it will be just as you described!!

  6. So glad "down south" got some rain! But, I'm sad that we northerners didn't get any. Next time, maybe!

  7. Wow! It's about time!! I think you all are in a worse drought than we are. Great photos! It looks like you all had a little celebration.
    I can remember how much fun it was to play in the puddles! Good times!
    Have fun on your vacation.

  8. We got some heavy sprinkles for about 30 seconds. =( Maybe next time!
    Have a wonderful trip!!

  9. wonderful!!! I didn't realize that up to that point you only had less than an inch since Christmas! wow!!! that is so terrible. I hope you continue to get more showers. It is so great that the kids got to play in the rain..and Jeremy out there soaking it up..that is awesome. What about you??? Did you go out after you took some photos??