Thursday, July 7, 2011

An Afternoon in June

The summer just seems to be flying by! Last week was a monumental week here. .we played our last baseball game (taking 3rd place in our league!!). .the kids attended the last summer camp (Tristan and Grant had church camp in Oklahoma all week. .and Devin went to a local football camp). .we wrapped up MOST of our 4-H projects for the county fair that starts next week. .AND we took our first field trip with the cousins to celebrate!
Devin missed his school field trip in May. .sick with the stomach flu (the second year running that he missed a trip due to sickness. .the ONLY time he gets sick during the year!). I promised him that we could make the trip with our family when he was better. One of the big boys couldn't go with us the day we planned. .so Devin wanted to postpone the trip until EVERYONE could make it. We postponed it. .and forgot about it.
Until last week, when D brought it up again. I suggested that we take the cousins and go while the boys were gone to camp. .which made his baby blue's light right up!
So we headed south on Thursday afternoon to Alabaster Caverns. .the largest natural gypsum cave in the world. They had new signs in the front since we had been there last. .so the kids ALL had to have their pictures taken with their heads sticking through the hole. Sadly, we didn't see any REAL bats that day. .maybe next time. I don't remember for sure how many bats they project to have in the caves. .but it was A LOT!!
The lighting was really pretty. .and the cave a perfect place to be on a HOOOOOOOT afternoon! We all enjoyed the 3/4 mile guided hike. .including 330 stairs to climb to boot.
Cami was SO excited about all of it. .she could hardly contain her little self!
This domed room was created by swirling water. .and such an interesting formation in the top of the room. .such an intriguing force of nature!
The kids thought the hot tram ride back to the entrance of the cave was ALMOST as fun as the hike itself!
And how does one top off a great afternoon like that???
A SUPER bubble bath in a jetted tub!!
Who knew it could produce a bubble mania like that one!!
Have a great day!


  1. now that is an impressive bubble bath! DJ

  2. Have been there a lot, but have never actually gone into the caves. Love seeing the cool rock layers and formations!

  3. Alabaster cave is great. We saw it 3 or 4 years ago. My hubby loves caves.
    That's a lot of bubbles!

  4. Aren't caves a great place to be on a hot day. What fun and the kids look like they had a blast. What a bunch of cuties.