Friday, July 15, 2011

Too Hot to Work!

First of all. .the kids had a GREAT week at the fair!! I have some photos and lots of results. .but those will wait for another day. .cause I wanted to share these photos (and it'll be a quicker post for me!)
In among the fair activities this week, Tristan celebrated his 15th birthday. He and his dad have been planning for weeks to take the day off today and hang out at the lake with his buddies. They did some skiing, wakeboarding, and tried out the new knee board. .but the real hit was the tube.
I was excited to try out my Canon XS 30IS on the lake. You may recall that I got it before Christmas and have so far loved it. I was eager to see how well it zooms on the lake. When we hit the lake on our vacation in a few weeks will be the real test. But I was pleased with the photos from today.  
The looks on their faces were priceless. We played on the water for about 7 hours today. .and enjoyed every minute of it! 
About the time we were heading over to pick up Tristan's other friends that were a little late coming. .we encountered a little problem.
Apparently. .Jeremy assumed that because the dial kept bouncing up and down (as we hit wave after wave) that we still had gas! Hmmm. .NOPE! Good thing there was a nice wind to push us into the shore! 
The boys tried to paddle with the skis. . . 
And then resorted to swimming and pulling. . . 
. .and pushing. . . 
. .and walking through the water pulling (unfortunately. .since we have been so low on the moisture. .and so high on heat. .the lake is quite low on water!! As you can tell by how far we still are from the shore and the kids can easily touch the bottom) 
Some of us got tired and rested patiently as we drifted to land. 
Land. . .Sweet LAND! 
I watched a little nature. .as well as the kids while they splashed and swam as we waited on Jeremy to get back from town with a gas can and some extra fuel! Just another interesting memory to go down in our adventure books!
The boys have been watching movies tonight. .and are planning on doing a little shooting with J in the morning. Tomorrow is the last day of our county fair. .And NOW we are ready for summer to begin!
Enjoy your weekend!


  1. *Squeal* Those fawns are adorable! Looks like a lot of fun! I think being in the water is THE ONLY way to tolerate this heat. I'm thinking of moving to the desert to get some cooler weather. ;)*

  2. Loved the "airborn tube" photo! LOL

  3. LOVE lake days! Except it is almost too hot to get everything gathered to go to the lake...UGH! Happy Birthday Tristan!! Hard to believe the little boy who I used to see running around in his undies is 15 already!!

  4. LOL! Running out of gas is the worst thing! At my house the blame game would start up. Ha ha
    Looks like a great time! Wish I was there.
    Glad you had some R&R with your family.

  5. Oh my! I am so glad you were in a lake and close enough to the shore to pull it in and not the ocean...then, you would be needing some flares! Glad everything turned out well! Great shot of the deer.