Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Bathroom is FINISHED!

I am so glad to finally be able to write this post!! The bathroom project has taken much longer to finish than I expected. .but it is really finished. .and I can't even begin to voice my excitement! After I finally got rested up from rock hunting, camp nursing, work duties, ball games, 4-H service work, worship music practice, beet harvest and subsequent beet pickling at midnight. .I was FINALLY able to clean out my bedroom after 6 weeks of dust and clutter and completely move into the bathroom. Now, I will be the FIRST to report that I can't STAND to clean. .H-A-T-E IT! But, I also don't function well in grime and clutter. .so my nerves have been virtually shot since the remodel started. BUT, it turned out wonderful. .and I can't wait to give you all the tour!!
Now, if you can't remember what my bathroom looked like before, click here to see it before you continue. .that step is important. .cause a world of difference has been made here! The doorway to the hall got a taller opening, and a little wider too. .so I haven't hit the corner of the door frame ONCE as I move through the house at the speed of light! (This would be funny for any of you that knew I once had a maintanence man that PADDED the door jamb to my office because I kept injuring my hand as I cut it a T-A-D too short. .no different in my own home. .just no one there that felt sorry enough for me to pad the door!) The old tin tiles came from the stairway going up to the boy's bedroom. Jeremy framed them in for me a LONG time ago. .and I am excited that they can be fully appreciated now!
This photo was taken from Cami's room looking back into the newly widened hallway. .with the new closet door that you can no longer see through. The previous door had panels kicked out of it by "accident" from fighting male children.
Da-da-DA!! Here it is. .looking in from the door!!
And looking back at the door from the shower.
I think the space looks a lot more open now and less long and skinny. .the look I was hoping for!
Kelsey was a phenomenal help in that. .once we were able to get a raw space, our plans changed slightly to better accomodate things. .and I think we totally got the best use of the space!
This is an air bath. .which has given great pleasure to the younger kids. .and I have enjoyed it too! The tile on the wall was my idea. .and again. .one of those things that ONLY I could picture in my mind before it got done.  I had mosaic tile formations laid out all down the aisle at Lowe's before I had my mind made up! The tiles have a metal inserted diamond, and are sealed to prevent rusting.
Here's a look at the same tile worked into the floor. I think that whole concept worked out much better than Kelsey thought it would. Jeremy wanted hard wood. .and I was afraid it would get water damage. .but the man NEVER has a decorative opinion on anything. .so I HAD to figure out how to make it work for both of us.  I really like the way it turned out. .except the floor needs a little shinier top coat. .something that Jeremy will soon rectify after we get a different product to use.
More space for me to decorate. .I LOVE it! I was able to use all of my antique medicine bottles and tins in a hodge podge arrangement at the top of my new cabinet.
And look inside this luscious baby!! The storage possibilities are ENDLESS. .and yes. .I TOLD you I was an organizational freak!! I put all those little drawers in there. .and then labeled them so we could find everything easily.  The bottom cabinets are perfect for my hamper and my workout clothes (you know, so I don't have to put them away everyday. .L-A-Z-Y!)
The vanity top was total impulse. I had something less stand-out-ish picked out. .and kept looking at this chocolate brown one until I just went with it. I am not sorry so far!
Here is my other favorite thing about the bathroom. .the lights!! We picked through the bubbly glass shades for ever looking for the same pattern of bubbles. .they are so minimalistic. .PERFECT!
And you may remember the project we started months ago using the kitchen cabinet belonging to my great-grandmother's home. .
Jeremy turned it into a shadow box door for my old toiletries collection. Yes. .that big white thing is a porclean bedpan. .what antique-collecting nurse WOULDN'T have one?? I'm also fond of the pink hairdryer I found at the antique mall. The collection also contains a couple of curling irons, hairpins and a watch belonging to Jeremy's great grandmother, along with a few other family pass alongs.
So. . .
to go from this. . .
. . .to this
has been a MAJOR pleasure!
Enjoy your day!


  1. *WOLF WHISTLE* It's BEAUTIFUL!! LOVE IT!! I bet you are relived to have it finished!

  2. Yea!!!! So glad it is done. Love that you have space for a shower and a cool tub. I like the tile/wood floor combo. Great idea with all the water in there. I totally laughed reading that you laid out your tile pattern on the floor at Lowes. We did the same thing at Home Depot for our tile designs. You can never have too much storage in a bathroom and you got a lot. Enjoy!!!!

  3. Oh. Wow. It turned out even better than I imagined! Those bubbly lights are one of my favorite things, too. And the vanity top is my VERY favorite thing, especially with those fixtures. I think the way you combined the tile and hardwood is brilliant. What a GREAT remodel! (And I thought it looked pretty good before!)

    May you enjoy it for many years to come!

  4. I was just wondering the other day if you had got your bathroom finished. It looks awesome! I really like how you incorporated the tiles. It really makes it look fancy. Hope you all enjoy it. Hope to see you soon.


  5. Oh what a relief for you to finally have everything done and back in its place. I love the floor and the tile. The shadowbox with the bathroom antiques is a hoot, and I love the storage cabinet. If you're like me you're "cured" of wanting any more renovations for at least 5 years. :)

  6. It all looks great, Melanie! :) Thanks for sharing. Can't imagine "male children fighting." Wait, yes I can. LOL!

  7. I am not going to lie...I have been WAITING for this post! I think your bathroom looks 10 times bigger than before and tons more functional. It is beautiful and it looks like you are going to love it. There have been numerous occassions when I know that Kelsey thinks I am crazy. But I keep telling myself that he isn't married and doesn't have kids, so he will understand my madness one that fact that I REFUSE to give up space in my mudroom or that I INSIST on having a sink in the laundry room. One thing I am grateful for is that I don't have to live in the mess!

  8. Oh my goodness! It is beautiful! You guys did a super job. I bet you feel on top of the world. I really like the counter and the lights are really nice. That old time bed pan is a hoot!

  9. Wow! It's finally done!! I am so happy for you! You guys did a beautiful job! It looks like there is soooooo much space in awesome is that! I noticed the vintage hair dryer...that is cool!