Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gardening on a Whole New Level

I've been pretty excited about all of the new possibilities for plant and animal life that the new pond has brought. This week has moved that excitement to a sense of success and amazement!
As I moved the water lily to a little deeper water earlier this week, I noticed a big, fat bud creeping toward the surface. Tuesday morning, the bud had made it out of the water and I snapped a picture before going to work.
It has bloomed the last 3 days. .but was always closing back up by the time I got home from work. Today I was home in time to witness it for myself. The edges of the flower are a little crisped from the horrid heat (it was 104 degrees yesterday), but beautiful in it's own rights.
There was also a bloom on the water hearts today too. .it didn't like the heat and was completely gone by this afternoon. I had read somewhere a comment by a water gardener, who noted that their water lily had been in the pond for 3 years before it bloomed. So I was afraid mine wouldn't either.
And to top the excitement of the water lily, as we rested by the pond last night (the first night in many that we were able to be home), we had the pleasure of watching two bluebirds make a nest in this bluebird house. 
My pictures aren't that great. .but they are what they are. Those two worked for at least a couple of hours hauling stuff into the nest. I am not sure if they are nesting, or if they are feeding babies. I haven't been brave enough to take a flashlight and go peer into the hole. 
Regardless, this nest is one of the closest to the house, so they are easy to observe and I'm sure it will soon become apparent. I enjoyed watching them at the pond this evening while I ate supper. The pond has been worth every penny spent, every sore muscle achieved, and every frustration endured. 
God's creations continue to awe and amaze me daily!
Thanks for sharing in my environmental excitement. .
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Oh my goodness those blue birds are adorable!! I can't see what happens!
    We are off to Wichita this morning for a dr appointment, and I woke up feeling like there's a ping pong ball on one side of my throat and have an earache. Go me! We've got bunnies to show tonight and tomorrow, so I hope whatever it is goes away fast!

  2. I really appreciate the fact that you share the great outdoors like this. I've let my pond "expire" & I so miss the lilies, the frogs, the fish, watching the birds that utilized the running I really thank you for sharing yours!

  3. the lillies are amazing, and the blue birds so lovely. I enjoy the vastness and creativity of Jesus, simply astounding. DJ

  4. I enjoyed both things - the pretty water lilly blooms and the gorgeous bluebirds! Thank YOU for sharing the pictures. :) I'll bet that's fun to look out and see what's happening.

  5. How exciting to have a bluebird family, and yes, ponds are super fun too. All kinds of different plants and wildlife. Have fun this summer Melanie.~~Dee