Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mother Nature Mix Up

Or is Mother Nature on track. .
and my kids are mixed up??
Anyone driving by this afternoon. .
May have peeked into our yard and thought it was summer!!
I, myself found it necessary to consult the temperature queen.
Hmmmmm.   I know that the water coming out of this hose. . .
Wasn't ANYWHERE near 69 degrees!!
But they didn't seem to mind. .
only when Cami took off her panties too. .did they really mind. .
when the panties went back on. .
Life was cool!!
They must have played in this ice cold water for 30 minutes or longer. .
"It's not cold" they assured me!! 
Uh huh. .
That's what I thought!! 
As I turned to go back into the house. .I noticed these clouds!!
These clouds coming in are bringing us a 50% chance of rain
later this afternoon or evening!!
I say. . .
Please, mother nature. . .
Just make up your mind. .
We can't take the teasing anymore!!


  1. Personally, I think she may be menopausal and could probably use some hormones.

    Or perhaps she's the mother of little boys, and is just very very grumpy!

  2. My big kids were out in shorts while Westynn was the time he woke up, they had to put pants on to play outside. I am ready for the shorts all the time!

  3. Great fun! I noticed how you edited the photo of the thermometer (grin) I too love the warm. DJ

  4. I was going to comment on how you edited the photo of the thermometer, too. :) I would have loved to have that weather yesterday to melt our last 5.5 inches of snow.


  5. Well, I would really like some of that 69 degree weather! What do they mean you edited the thermometer?? I don't get it. Anyhow, your kids are pretty tough, cause there is no way I could handle cold water even on an 80 degree day. Ha Ha! seriously! I like how your daughter is all tucked up under that towel in the sun...she looks all toasty warm there...well, trying to get toasty warm!