Wednesday, February 23, 2011

From Snow to. . .

Spring. . .??
Back to winter. . .Sigh!!
We were sure glad to get a little of this stuff a few weeks ago!!
This particular snow was absolutely beautiful on the pond!!
It wasn't the 12 inches that some of you got..but it was the most that we have recieved here for a while!
It didn't take too many days for it to disappear. .and was promptly replaced by temperatures very near 80!! The pond water was above 50 over the weekend (after 3 days of very warm weather and no freezing at night) and the fish were out and about.  We fed them some rice krispies to be easy on their tummies! It was great to sit out on the rocks and just watch them glide through the water. .it would have been very peaceful too. .had the boys not been able to fire up their go-kart! Oh well!  Can't have everything my way I guess.  Luckily we don't have any close neighbors to annoy!
Last week I sowed seeds for several varieties of peppers and tomatos. .as well as some purple basil and regular sweet basil.  And just for kicks. .I sowed 3 yellow squash seeds.  I thought that I could put them in a big pot in the greenhouse and see how they do in there as we patiently wait for spring. .that from someone who has never grown yellow squash before in her life.  As of last night. .nearly everything was sprouted. .woo hoo! Better scenario than last years oven fiasco for the non-germinating seeds!  I also have some butterfly weed large enough to transpant into their own pots. .but no coneflower or black eyed susan plants. .I think the seed just got too hot this summer in the greenhouse. .I have since moved my seeds into a more temperate climate in my hall closet. I have strayed from my usual beefsteak varieties. .and found myself seeding Brandywine heirloom, chocolate cherry tomatoes, a regular cherry, and one called Mater Sandwich (we love Cars. .and I was tickled at the name). I also started a new variety of paste tomato (they totally make the best salsa!).  The Big Mama variety that I have planted in the past grew huge paste tomatos. .so I hope this one does as well. .the seed catalog didn't offer it anymore. .and I hope this one works out.
Speaking of tomatos. .We have been eating a few tomatos from the greenhouse for a couple weeks.  They have been tasty. .and the vines have stayed very small. .despite the fertilizer and ample sunshine we have had this year.  So now I'm thinkin'. .maybe I can plant smaller pots and double the tomatoes next winter. .hmmm!! I have only gotten to eat on one of them. .the rest disappear off of my counter before I even know it!  My basil cuttings didn't do well, but the chives are finally looking good. .and the geranium has been blooming a lovely pink.  Jeremy let the outdoor wood stove burn out before he left last weekend for his motor head weekend. .and didn't turn it on until Monday morning.  In the meantime. .the outdoor temperature Sunday night got down to 18.  I was pretty worried about how I would find things inside. .and was annoyed that I hadn't thought about having him turn it back on (we knew it was going to be much colder). But the plants seemed to weather it fine. .my thermometer is in need of a new battery. .so really no idea how cold it got inside. .but apparently not to freezing.Which is great to know!
It has been great to be able to kick around in the gardens for a few days. .and to soak up some vitamin D.  I think that I will surely be able to hang on till spring now!!
The days are getting longer. .enjoy them!!


  1. I didn't know fish would eat rice crispies. That's cute. You are getting some great starts with that greenhouse. Yellow squash grows easily. How fun if you get some early in your greenhouse. If you can harvest tomatoes from there, surely you can harvest yellow squash. Saw your comment about overwintering purple fountain grass. I have never had any sucess with it in the house, in the garage, etc. Sounds like the greenhouse does the trick.

  2. I think I can, I think I can...
    Your pond looks to pretty in the snow!

  3. Even down here in Oklahoma, it's been funny to have days in February to be out and about in a T-shirt!

  4. Your snow pictures are beautiful. Wasn't it a great snow? You are getting such a great start on your garden. I'm glad for the reference on the paste tomatoes. I'd like to make salsa this year. Don't you make it in gigantic batches?

  5. I can't believe you got temps close to 80! That is crazy! We still have snow everywhere and it is very cold! Well, that's Pennsylvania for ya. For us, February is still dead of winter. I don't know why people around here got excited when we had a couple days around 60..they should know better.