Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Is Metal a Color?

We're glad to all be upright so far this week.  Sunday night Jeremy helped D work on his Valentine box for school.  Dev and I had all kinds of ideas last week about how to fix it. .but they changed them all and went for flashy silver motorhead (AKA aluminum foil) on a plain old box.
He cut out lots of little hearts from some of my scrapbooking paper and stuck them on to
the shiny, "metal" box!
The box kept him busy for an hour or so. .and he throroughly enjoyed himself.  I think the affinity little kids have for doing craft projects is so sweet. .This was the coolest lookin' box you've ever seen in your life, according to D!!
If they only would have asked. . I would have shown them where the glue was,
instead of the tape. .Oh yeah, I did show them where the glue was. .
My advice was disregarded!
He's hoping that lots of valentines will go through that hole. .and the candy that will go with the Valentines!! Dev, Cami, and I will start working on their Valentines soon. .maybe tomorrow if school gets called and I can't make it in to work either. D has been working very hard on practicing his 4-H talk to give next week at both the meeting and in front of a judge.  He's more excited about his than the other two boys are about theirs! Finally we are getting some snow!! Just in time to cancel BB games/pep band and our church soup supper tomorrow night.  We're just thankful for the moisture!
The chef in training and I are
praying everyone stays safe and warm!!


  1. It's a cool Valentine box!

    If all the fun stuff is going to be cancelled, I hope you get a lot of snow to make it worthwhile.

  2. That is a ROCKIN V-Tines box!
    WOW there is some SNOW out there!
    Can't wait to hear D's talk!! I'm really pumped I get to listen to some of them this year.

  3. What was the little chef making? D's box looks awesome!! Have fun with your snow. We only got about 4 inches this time. Thank goodness, I am sick of looking at the stupid stuff. :)


  4. Does that picture of D melt you heart or leave it in a complete puddle? He can be so very sweet ( probably better not tell him that ). I also must confess I have jacket envy, I need one of those FHSU Tiger jackets. DJ

  5. awwww, I love the Valentines box! He did an awesome job! I was just discussing Valentine boxes with my son. For some reason, they do decorated brown lunch size paper bags at his school. That's no fun if you ask me. When I was a kid, we ALL brought in some very cool Valentine boxes! I was just wondering if I should make one with him and just have him take it in. I don't think the teacher would mind because he said that the teacher was telling them how she used to make boxes when she was a kid as well. I think we'll go for it.