Sunday, June 27, 2010

Russian Garden 2010

We had a super busy weekend!! The kids (yes, all of them) and I took the 3 hour trek to the folks to pick up Tristan and wish my mom a happy birthday!  (J skated and went to Great Bend to the races) We did some shopping, visiting, playing with cousins, swimming, some more shopping, a little more visiting of relatives, some garden wandering, and yes. .I confess. .I picked up some more rocks.  J is pretty excited by the different pickup we purchased months ago--it is a diesel, with an automatic tranny--that his wife can drive--and he no longer has to be involved in all of the rock hunts!!  I needed enough rock to build a raised bed.  The north side of our deck and flower bed has been in dire need of a makeover--which we took care of this afternoon.  I don't have all the pictures uploaded yet--but you won't want to miss it!!  I am all sorts of sore, but very pleased with the outcome.  In the meantime, I had some shots of the Russian garden taken from a week or so ago--and wanted you to see how it had changed in a year's time.
You might recall that the garden started out looking a little like this. . .LITTLE!
By the end of June last summer, the plants were growing well.  This was a pre-planned garden from High Country Gardens.  It was named Russian garden because it's feature plant is Russian sage--a plant that gets about 5 feet tall with blue spires of flowers on it.  It also contains Coronation Gold yarrow, which was stunning this year.  The flower heads are turning a deep golden brown as they dry--and I decided tonight that it may be time to deadhead the plants--there are some new blooms opening too, and I think it should continue to flower some throughout the summer, at least it seemed to last year.
The garden has Arizona Sun gaillardia plants, which were prettier last year than they have been so far this season, but most of them lived and I am feeding them a little more water, thinking they are just a little thirsty yet.  This is a water-wise xeric garden--meaning, once established, it won't need much more water than the meager amount it may get from western Kansas water patterns!!  And that means less work for your's truly!
The little yellow bloomers are hymenoxys (or thrift leaf perky sue).  There are also some very small red Texas yucca, and two types of agastache (which I had never even heard of, but I am loving them!) They have a yummy minty smell when you brush the leaves.  The flowers are all along the stalks and very dainty and tubular--a favorite of hummingbirds and butterflies.
Here's that lovely little garden a week ago during one of the many BEAUTIFUL Kansas sunsets that we have enjoyed over the last couple weeks!
Amazing what can happen in just one little 'ole year??
Have a bright and beautiful week!


  1. Beautiful!! It's amazing how fast it all grows sometimes!! SOMETIMES being the key word at my house...=)

  2. Melanie, your pictures are wonderful! I am so glad you & your family share your gradens! I've missed my gardens the past few years. You've found some amazing plants that are new to me, but are so beautiful. Thanks for starting my morning off with beauty.

  3. Your Russian garden is great! I've had good luck with the plants I've gotten from HCG but I've never tried one of their planned beds.
    More rocks?!?! :-)
    Can't wait to see how you use them.
    Nice sunset photo with your Russian garden.

  4. Keep the photos coming. The butrterfly weed with purple larkspur was inspirational. I love all the color and beauty. Dale

  5. Your fern leaf Yarrow looks wonderful. I can smell it from here.
    PS: I added a link to your site on my blog.

  6. I hope you like your raised garden. We started some and keep putting in more. I think my plats do so much better in them.