Thursday, June 10, 2010

Amber Waves of Grain

Wheat harvest 2010 is upon us.  Papa and his compadres started cutting yesterday afternoon.  The wheat thus far is just fair, which is always a little disappointing, but on the bright side, it is better than "poor" and we have wheat to cut!!  So, per our usual harvest tradition, we listened to Dev whine until we couldn't stand it anymore. .and went out to the field to check on papa and the gang.  It turned out to be a most interesting evening, so I thought you might enjoy our, ummm, eventful evening!
First thing we accomplished, was locking the baby in the pickup.  (in my poor attempt to roll down the windows and then giving up, slammed the last door)
Cami soon grew weary of the game "hey, push the button. . .no the OTHER button."  She pushed it a million times. .and then pushed it a million more with a dazed gaze wondering why the heck someone wouldn't just let her out!!  So, to pass the time. .she located a tube of sunscreen and decided she liked the flavor.  As I pleaded with her, and then threatened her to STOP EATING THAT LOTION RIIIIIGGGGHHHTT, NOOOOOWWW, J lipped off and said "what are ya gonna do, break the window and beat her a(well, you know). Then he laughed like he had said something funny!
Natives are getting restless, and we are waiting for papa to bring us some stronger wire!! I think by this time, J might agree that teasing a weinie dog to unlock a pickup in the middle of winter, was easier than teasing a 2 year old!! Finally, he tried to teach her to turn the key (smart??) so she could roll down the window.  She started punching buttons on the keyless entry. .and D was the first one to get the door open!  Yikes!
Round after round after round they go!
This is the part that they wait for every year--playing in the wheat truck full of the precious golden kernels!

New experience for sis, and she thought it was great fun!! And this is the part that I wait for every year. .cleaning wheat off my floors and out of my washing machine, as the kernels fall out of pockets, underwear, socks, shoes, caps--you name it and the wheat comes out of it!
Only in the midwest can a small child be found making "wheat angels!!"

Searched and searched the field for the little squeaking noise that we kept hearing. .hoping to find a ground nest of doves or something.  But no, found a nest of baby rats instead. EEWWWW!

This is how Cami felt about leaving the wheat playground behind and returning home!!
This is a fun time of the year around this place!!  Tomorrow we (at least part of us) are headed off on the great rock hunt!! Unfortunately, all of J's parts didn't come in for the harvest truck he must have fixed, and won't be here until tomorrow afternoon-so he and Cami will stay behind and wish that they could see Big Brutus too!!  Wishing everyone a great summertime weekend!


  1. I needed a good laugh this morning. Love the C story! Glad you got her out and hope she didn't barf last night from the sunscreen! Dad said yesterday when I was out there that it "felt like harvest". Guess he was right! I used to love playing in the wheat too!

  2. Harvest weather has certainly hit. May it be a safe and productive one for your family. Please get some extra sets of keys! :-) And buy yucky tasting sunscreen. LOL. Glad all is well.

  3. OK, several things made me laugh or smile, like "whining" and playing in the wheat. That looked like FUN!

    Glad the pickup incident got fixed!

    The baby rat was GROSS!!! LOL!

  4. The lotion picture made me laugh and gag at the same time! Only a child would think that it tastes good...glad for a safe outcome.