Sunday, June 20, 2010

Crazy Daizies

One of my favorite flowers is the daisy--hands down.  Last spring, I found a daisy collection in Roots and Rhizomes and I knew that I had to have it!! My favorite kind of shasta daisy are the funky petaled ones!!  This collection specialized in them!! Two varieties didn't make it, but my favorite varieties did!!  They are all in full bloom now and I am loving them.  This variety is Sante. It ended up in a great location, as the pink hollyhock is blooming behind it, and the Karly Rose grass is blooming next to it!  There is also a pink achillea (yarrow) and a little mugo pine, backgrounded by some variegated tall grass in view.  It is a spot in my garden that finally looks finished, lots going on, and few bare spaces.
Close up of Sante
This shasta is "Aglaia."  It has pure white petals with fringed tips like shaved coconut. Very pretty!
Below is the oldest daisy I have.  This is a shorter variety--only about 12-18 inches tall.  I think the name was "Becky." 
This taller version I found on clearance a few years ago.  Variety Marconi.  There are a couple clumps in my front flower bed.  I like it best because it is so tall.  I divided the clump and moved some to my new flower bed when I was flower shopping through my yard--they are getting ready to bloom too, so it must not have shocked them too much!  This one is peeking out around the bottom of the new "old" slipper slide we put in.
And, so far, my favorite variety is Old Court.  It has the craziest petals.  It looks great in a vase with lavender blooms too.  The plants are looking quite healthy, and should be ready for me to take small clumps out of them to move or give away next summer.  I can't wait!
It was nice to have some time to wander through the gardens.  The veggies are coming along well, though the only thing we have eaten has been chard, which we actually liked quite well, the pickled beets and a handful of strawberries.  The flowers are really blooming up a storm, and I have tons of bloom pictures coming this week.  We got some rain last weekend, not as much as some of you, but around 3 inches--which is plentiful around these parts.  And, with the rain, comes weeds. Ick!!  Have a great Father's Day!


  1. oooo...very pretty! I love the Old Court and the Aglaia. My Shasta daisy bloomed right before I left! I was so excited. Hope things are good there. Its hotter in Kansas than here, but it's so humid here you have to stop and wring the water from your lungs. ;)

  2. Great post on the daisies. Old Court is just crazy fun. Do your daisies self seed easy? I have a basic daisy and just "harvested" the seed heads to plant more along our alley. I haven't tried some of the 'fancier' varieties.

  3. GonSS, the Becky daisies just keep spreading, I haven't seen any self seeding--but I typically dead-head those to keep them blooming most of the summer. I find it easier for me, to spread my wealth by digging smaller clumps to move rather than seeding in the ground--but I'm sure that would work just as well. If you'd like, I can sure leave a dead head on and send it to you so you can try it out!

  4. Those really do look like shaved coconut petals! Lovely daisies. Cousin Traci would like them...those are her favorite too.

  5. I loved the slide, daizies, and all the other wonderful color! The verses from psalms were inspirational. Keep up the good work. Dale

  6. I would love to share some of our 5+ inches of rain. It rained again last night and this morning.


  7. Beautiful daisies! Thanks for sharing!