Friday, September 18, 2009

The Ole "A"

Well! Here's Jeremy's project. You may remember what it looked like 4 months ago hanging from the wench in his shop. He has been working diligently on it and I think it is turning out great. He's pleased with it too!

He chopped the top of the cab down to make it look COOL! There won't be any covering over the engine either, So the motor will stick out just like it is!

There's no air conditioner, which I KNOW he did to minimize the time that I drive it!! And no windshield wipers either--guess it is good that we live in an area where rain is optional!

He needs seats in it--Only room for 2. And a few more guts and then it will be ready to try out!


  1. I had to tell you this---I felt like a smarty pants at the state fair when we went through a car show they had there and I was able to pick out the Model A's!! All because of this post!!
    Thanks for making me feel smarter!! =)*

  2. BTW-- tell J GREAT JOB! That thing is cool! I think you and Miss C will look pretty cute flying down the road in it!!