Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Look Out Shakespere

Just had to share this. D brought home a little book that he wrote and illustrated yesterday--ALL BY HIMSELF. Grant and I were stumbling over some of the words--but Dev patiently lined us out--even if he was a little annoyed that we didn't know that Hrsis reads "horses."

Try to read it yourself and I will narrate below the picture!! I dare ya!

The Haystack

A Hay A Haystack
Cows like to eat Haystack
Horses like to eat Hay

The End!!

Not sure what this is--but it graces the back cover!!
What a masterpiece!! I don't save too much of the kids school stuff, but I think that this will go in the collection of saved work!
Hope ya enjoyed it as much as I did! Just wonderin if his Papa's stack hay like he does? :-)


  1. I love when when they first start learning words!! It's so cute!
    I remember at one of Tristen's P/T conferences wondering how Mrs Snyder could always figure out what they words were!! There had to have been a class in college totally dedicated to that! =) Great job, Dev!!

  2. How cute...and I got every word! It's so neat when they start learning to spell and read! And actually, wouldn't life be much simpler if we all spelled words the way that they sounded!?! Definitely worth saving!