Thursday, September 3, 2009

DOWN. . . SET. . . HIKE

Tonight was our first of many years of football games to come!! Tristan is #80. They don't do JV games but try to let all the kids play. He was pretty excited for the game. He took money because some of the guys were going to walk down to the little cafe across town after school to eat something before the game.. .but he was sure he would vomit if he ate anything. Poor kid and his nerves! He did get to play several times for a few minutes each. He gave us a run down play by play narration ALL the way home from his vantage point. . .the narration lasted through his eating and then some. I guess he is ready for next week. The kids lost 16-14.

There he is running to do something. . . I'm sure he could tell us. I have never understood football--EVER! I don't know which positions do what--I finally figured out the "first in 10" thing. Maybe after 15 years of this I will enjoy the superbowl for more than just the commercials and great snacks!

C and I had a great day off. This was our first week of the new scheduling in Ok clinics. I am working every other Tuesday until the end of the year. Next week I will have Tues and Thurs off--I can hardly wait!! I'm on call Labor day so that won't really count! We started mulching in the area in the east yard where the new flower garden will be in a few weeks.
J is about to conquer his old Model A car and he had glass cut in Oklahoma. It was ready today, so C and I made a quick afternoon trip down to pick it up. It worked good for me too because I ran out of weed barrier this morning, so hopefully I can finish that this weekend! We also spent some time sitting on the big rock next to the Caryopteris watching the bumblebees and the butterflys. A good relaxing day! We've nothing much planned for the weekend. Hoping to catch a drink and a chat with my good friend Jen this weekend, as well as a little yard work, so Wii time with the kids (we've been having Wii-off's that are a lot of fun) I think J is hoping to paint his A this weekend so will have to post some pictures of that. I think I will look pretty cute driving it around--don't tell him I said that!! I think it will look pretty cool though! Hope everyone has a safe holiday weekend!

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