Friday, June 20, 2014

Wheat Harvest 2014!!

Wheat harvest officially started here in our neck of the woods this week!!
It's REALLY bad!!
They were at our house tonight cutting our little patch. .
So after dinner. .
Cami and I walked out back to hitch a ride.
You don't have to be a farmer. .
to notice. .
that the wheat comes up to a 6 year old's knee!!
Lots of dirt was blowing in the breeze too!!
While we stood at the side of the field waiting on Grant to come close enough to hijack. .
I noted some more trees that the drought has gotten!! Some time I'll have to post a picture of where our old tree row USED to stand. .every tree in it perished in the severe drought!!
And it's always a little sad to see more damage!
There is just something sentimental to me about those big ole machines and the huge expanse of blue sky overhead hanging over those amber fields of grain!! 
I included this super pathetic picture for my farm rooted family back in the land of rain. .
This shows how miserable the wheat was in a LOT of spots. .
this has NOT been cut yet. .
NOR was it at the edge of the field like you might expect to see. .it was in the middle!
This is what the entire field should look more like!!
Even though at closer viewing. .
it is not really impressive either!!
As I sat on in the jump seat watching. .
round after round. .
I couldn't help. .
but remember when I used to ride shotgun with my dad during harvest. .
and then riding shotgun with my love as a newlywed. .
and NOW. .I am riding shotgun with my CHILD!! 
He LOVES harvest. .
everything about it!!
Down to enjoying his sister's endless rattling mouth every evening!
(Though he will tell you he doesn't!) 
Uncle Joe runs the other combine. 
Jeremy and Cami have been checking out the harvest action every evening this week. .
And today, he has been helping them to move equipment to different fields. .
They have to take those tremendously long headers off. .
and put them on the long trailers to fit down the roads.
Papa is the supervisor. .
He also trucks all the grain to town!
Devin has also gotten initiated. .
much to his eleven year old delight!!
He is being taught how to run the grain cart. .
And seems to have the job spoken for already for next summer!!
Tractor safety course. .
Here he comes!!
As soon as it came. .
Harvest will be over!!
Flower photos are taken. .
And will be shown soon!!
Enjoy your weekend, ya'll!!


  1. So sad about the loss of the trees and the less than stellar harvest. Hopefully this cycle of drought will end soon.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Grant looks so grown up sitting in that combine. I can't believe how bad the wheat looks. =(

  3. Yes, although the drought here has been bad, you guys have had it worse. Seeing the remnants of your hedgerow is heartbreaking.

    Harvest is in full swing here in Sedgwick County too - our wheat's not looking great either. Hopefully some of the later crops will be a bit better, as we've been getting some rain finally. Have you guys received any over the last month or so?

  4. Harvest is in full swing here as well along with baling hay of course. Its always seem that they both need done at the same time. Sorry your wheat is not so great. Your dear brother was complaining about his worthless crop as well, but it doesn't look near that bad compared to yours. Hopefully they will be done in a couple of days if the rain holds out. Looking forward to your upcoming visit.

  5. The drought has affected everything. Trees, crops and people! People have been absolutely giddy here when it rained. Hopefully, we're on the start of getting out of the drought!