Monday, June 16, 2014

Hello. .Remember Me?

Hello people. .
remember me??
I used to frequent this site. .
And I nearly forgot how to navigate!!
I believe that it has been since last October that I posted anything related to my family. .
So I thought. .
while I had a few minutes. .
I would offer a catch up. .
for anyone that still drops by occasionally!
Last day of school for these 2 high schoolers. .
you'll note. .Tristan is no longer the tallest!!
It's been a great year. .
with lots of activity. .
some trials. .
and growth. .physical and spiritual!
These two sassy kids were no less than ecstatic to be done with school! They could hardly contain their excitement!!
Fresh out of school. .
These four are trying not to consider the upcoming year. .
until August!!
It's hard to believe. .
that we will have a SENIOR. .
as well as a Junior, 6th grader (which constitutes middle school around here), and a 1st grader!
Tristan waits his turn during the golf meet
Tristan is working full time for our carpenter friend. .
Seems that he has picked up some skills. .
and is feeling good about that.
He and Grant attended a camp at K-State as a part of 4-H.
They really loved it (everything except the cafeteria food).
Soon it will be time to consider senior pictures. .
but, since he gave himself a "no-hair" hair cut. .
that WON'T be any time soon!!
Good thing that Grant could keep an eye on where his ball landed. .this golfing mom could NEVER keep track!
Grant is working full time for his dad in the mechanic shop. .
and about 3 days into their Manhattan camp. .
his dad really was missing his right hand shop man!
Both the older boys went to 4-H camp last week as counselors. .
They are fun to watch. .
And they really enjoy that experience!
Neither boy is planning on playing football next year. .
But Grant is toying with the idea of running cross country. .
and both of them would like to spend the extra time after school practicing their golf games. .
which has really turned out to be a new love for them!!
Devin is being allowed to go along this summer, and so it will only be a matter of time until they talk Jeremy into joining them. .
Don't tell HIM that!
As he will adamantly deny it!
First time in 12 play days. .that we had a kid do the long jump!! What flying form he has!!
Devin has been having a busy summer so far. .
He has already been to art camp, Vacation Bible School, and 4-H camp this summer!
He was able to take his bike to town. .
as well as his dad's cell phone. .
And enjoyed a tiny taste of independence!!
He's been loving the pool too!
Now that his schedule is winding down some. .
we hope to train him into some more household and garden responsibilities. .
since he will be home.
That is an aggravation to him. .
and consequently. .to US!
It may be a loooonng summer ;-)
5o meter shuttle relay. .with her tongue hangin out!!
And this one. .
Is losing teeth faster than she is gaining them back!!
Still no sign of the two top teeth that were removed by the dentist last summer when she also removed an accessory tooth that was going to cause issues for her.
She can eat anything. .
and caused us quite a bit of chuckling a few weeks back when we ate corn on the cob for dinner. .
She had it right up to her mouth. .
and wondered out loud. .
"Now. .HOW am I gonna eat THIS?"
Needless to say. .
she managed to get all the kernels gnawed off that ole cob with no further discussion!
She has been working on some lemon blueberry muffins to enter in open class at the fair. .
I would have never considered that for any of the other kids. .
but SHE. .
is just ready for that!!
No photos uploaded of the old people that live around the house. .
but we look about the same!!
And we are still tied into much the same day to day activities. .
One exciting thing going for us. .
This summer marks the celebration of our TWENTIETH anniversary. .
WOW. .
Where did it go??
We are taking a short. .
adult only. .
vacay to Boston next month. .
Labstah. .
I have been meaning to photograph the gardens. .
which are looking surprisingly well despite the drought. .
We have been blessed with some rain. .
But. .
the winds are touted to blow day and night this week. .
so. .
not sure that the photos will come to you this week.
I would like to post a little more regularly again. .
but find myself unable to completely commit to doing it. .
If you happen to catch this post. .
and would like an email warning from me when I post. .
holler at me and I will be glad to give you a shout out!!
Have a GREAT week!


  1. Welcome back!! Wow, I was tired just reading about all of the activities in your household. Hope to see you soon!


  2. Glad to see you back on the catch-up on your kiddos...
    And really grateful that our household moves much slower than yours...
    Can't wait to see your gardens after these rains.

  3. Thanks for the update on the family! Helps me to keep up. Mom

  4. Hi there Melanie,
    It's good to see you back, and my how your family have changed in such a short space of time. They grow up and move on in their own lives so quickly don't they? It sounds as though the adults only vacation is going to be a much needed break for you guys haha! Have a really good week.

  5. =) Miss your blogging and was happy to see this post!!

  6. Hello!!!! So good to see a family update. There's a lot going on at your place. Glad you're getting some rain too. Amazing what a difference it can make. People here are so giddy that there's water in the creeks and rivers they're taking selfies with them and posting them everywhere. Makes me laugh, but sure has lifted some spirits. Get those garden photos. I understand pictures with plants swaying. :-)