Friday, November 29, 2013

Galatians. .Week 4. .Discussion

Our email bible study hit a little snag this final week of Galatians last month. .
Much of this post. .
makes mention of some issues that were near to my heart at that time. .
I felt the Lord. .
very STRONGLY. .
working within me during that time. .
and for that reason. .
I chose to go ahead and post my comments for you to read. .
As a testimony to God's divine timing in my life. .
as a Guide. .
and as a Comforter!!
I hope it encourages you!
(PS. .I'm having an issue with the way this post is being published. .
I have NO idea why the white background and inability to edit it here the way I have always done. Sorry about that!)

I’m at a loss for words, really. .I’ll have to say. .that this turned out to be a “Put your money where your mouth is” week for me. Monday night, was the night that I sat down with my bible open. .praying that God would show me what He wanted me to put into action in my life. .And I believe that He taught me some lessons of faith and believing His promises to ME thru His word. .that I will not, any too easily forget. .I’d love to take a photo of my note paper to send you all. .so you could see that I was not making any of this up. .
Here’s my list from Monday night. .
Galatians—what needs to change?
1.) Desire the approval of God—not people (1:10)
2.) Consult with GOD before humans (1:16)
3.) Let the Holy Spirit guide my life—ALL of it! (5:25)
I believe that I already shared earlier this week how verse 1:10 met me in a moment of need. .I won’t repeat. God has been leading me toward obedience to 1:16 for a while now. .really, I would say. .He DROPPED it right on me the summer after dad died. .I’m a girl. .I love to talk. .I love to talk about problems. .it’s part of what I do for a living. .’m also an open book, and will share nearly anything with anybody, unashamedly. .and any time I might have an issue with someone or a problem. .I was eager to find someone to commiserate with me. .it might start under the pretense of “getting advice” but ultimately, ended up as a major gripe and gossip. .which never helped anything. .God BROKE me last summer. .when I NEEDED to talk about my grief. .but couldn’t. .everyone was busy, I didn’t want to ask (no surprise that I am fairly independent??) for help. .I felt forgotten. .and that no one really cared to KNOW what was on my heart. .or even if they WANTED to know. .wouldn’t be able to fully understand the magnitude of impact on my life. .I remember VIVIDLY, the day that I was particularly desiring conversation. .but my personal pity party was not allowing me to reach out. .And I figured out. .that GOD is the ONLY one that I/we can ever TRULY count on. .I began to pray. .and I recall the rest of the week, thinking that over. .God is the one I should have reached out to FIRST. .not LAST!! I felt horribly guilty. .because that had become the pattern of my life. .I NEEDED (I thought) someone. .to talk it over with, to give me advice, condolences, reassurance. .and acceptance. .And I’m going to guess that I am not the only one who deals with that. .it seems to be an estrogenic specialty!!
I have been working on being mindful of that for the last year now. .and it’s led me down a different path. .one responsible for much of my change in Christ, I believe. .BUT. .sometimes I win. .and sometimes I lose on the matter. .THIS week. .I wanted to make phone calls, put out texts, emails. .whatever. .But God kept reigning me in. .almost like He was reminding me. .I brought you here. .and I am going to SHOW you my DIVINITY through this. .and MAN, did He show up!!
Wednesday morning I just cried out to Him on the way to work. .pleading with Him that He would clear my mind so that I could give my best self to the career that He placed me into. .as well as continued prayers that He would keep the control of this bible study. .and not allow me to control it in my flesh. .
As I finished praying on my way into my office, I sat down at my desk, flipped open my laptop and powered it on. .just as the scripture from Isaiah 43 sifted into my head. .I googled it to be reminded of the whole verse. .allow me to share. .
Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are Mine! 2"When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they will not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be scorched, Nor will the flame burn you. 3"For I am the LORD your God, The Holy One of Israel, your Savior;
The context of the passage was written to the Israelites. .who were HORRIBLE and faithless. .and whiny. .so much so. .that God finally allowed them to wander in the wilderness for 40 years. .Yet at the end of the day. .He LOVED them. .and He was promising them what you just read in 43:1-3. .and that is a promise He has made to each of His children as well!
As I was reading that, I had already flipped my pandora station on. .and the song that began to play was THIS. . Mercy Me, Word of God Speak
If you don’t listen to the clips I send. .be sure that you go listen and read the lyrics to THIS one. . Because they are lyrics that should become lifeblood to ALL of us!! That song was followed by this song. . Casting Crowns. .Who am I. .Who EVEN am I. .that the SAME God who calmed the sea of Galilee during the storm. .would come DOWN through the RAIN in my life. .and put His hand out to calm ME!!
Coincidence ladies?? I don’t think so. .That leads me to the third thing that I wrote down for the week. .that I didn’t even remember until reading my list again last night. .God wants ME to let the Spirit lead my life. .that’s hard to do for a control freak like myself. .But, by letting Him lead me this week. .He showed me. .that there is JOY, even in sorrow. .that there is PEACE, even in turmoil. .that there is COMFORT, even in pain. .when I am IN the Spirit. .and I would have missed it all. .if I had led myself. .instead of submitted to His leading!! How MANY times. .do we lead ourselves. .and miss God’s GLORY!! I wonder how many times in the past I have done it. .many, many I’m sure!
And FINALLY. .another reminder to me this morning. .nailing down the rest of the discussion on people. .and trustworthiness. .in conjunction with the NECESSITY of knowing what’s in between the first page of Genesis and the last page of Revelation. .
We place our expectations in people. .it’s what we do. .People also put their expectations in US. .People disappoint. .always, if you spend enough time with them anyway. .my hit home point to the youth last night was this. .many put their expectations in us. .but on the last day. .the only person’s expectations of us that matter. .is God the Father’s. God has expectations of ME. .just as He does of you. .and we are responsible to Him. .on judgment day. .as we give account to Him for our life. .
I don’t believe, that a follower of Christ will be able to use the excuse. .”But I just didn’t know!!” That’s WHY studying the bible is so important. .and whether you choose to do that with me. .or choose to do that on your own. .DON’T neglect that!! Because if you are led astray by something that is CLEARLY spelled out in the bible. .it will be a problem!!
All that to say this. .one of my favorite bible teachers. .has gotten a lot of bad publicity over the last few days. .His work that I have listened to and studied. .has been generally accurate with the Word. .though a few times I disagreed with various thoughts or a teaching that I wasn’t completely satisfied was grounded biblically. .Is he wrong? Are the articles about some possible moral shortcomings true?? I don’t know. .but 10 years ago. .they weren’t! He a people. .He has strayed, possibly. .He will disappoint, and has disappointed already, especially me. .but He isn’t accountable to ME. .and I can’t, on the last day proclaim to the Lord that I took his example as truth, even though the bible was specific AGAINST a teaching (or whatever). SO. .I get counted off, so to speak too!
I should have known better. .God didn’t just give that truth to the teacher. .He gave it to ALL of His children. And we must use it with any teacher, preacher, priest, book, website, article, bible study, friendly neighbor, praying friend. .that we take teaching from, seek advice from, talk with, or listen to. .remember 1 John 2:26-27. .
I am writing these things to warn you about those who want to lead you astray.27 But you have received the Holy Spirit,[h] and he lives within you, so you don’t need anyone to teach you what is true. For the Spirit[i]teaches you everything you need to know, and what he teaches is true—it is not a lie. So just as he has taught you, remain in fellowship with Christ.
In fact. .if you have time. .just go back and read that whole chapter out of 1 John 2 again. .Put those words away in your heart. .
Men aren’t divine. .not one (as we will see in Romans soon) Not one of them, nor one group of them, nor one institution of them. .they are all the same. .WE are all the same. .and they are all outfitted with a human nature like ours. .ALL of them!! We are in a fallen and broken world. .where it is easy to get caught up in the world. .we decided last month that the cultures may be different, but the people aren’t. I also believe that is why most of the New Testament teaches to be wary of false teachers and false teachings. .
God opens eyes. .and hearts. .and gives knowledge to those who seek it. .but Satan is just as alive here. .and only has limited time to take a people for himself. .So DON’T think he is just sitting around waiting for someone to call him up, to do so would be a tragedy. .We must each humbly come before God. .with no motives, with no conceptions, with a TEACHABLE and humble heart. .and ask for Him to provide us wisdom in the direction we must go. .He will show up!! He promises He will. .And I can attest. .that He does!

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  1. Yeah! I'm ready for Romans!! Please forgive my lack on commenting during the past several weeks… It was SO SO good to see you last night!