Monday, November 18, 2013

Galatians. .Week 3. .Assignment

Good morning!!
Hope it has been a week of growth for everyone!!
I hope God is using this study to speak to you on an individual level. .
I hope you are seeking to change, and be changed. .
By God, and His Word!!
Did you know. .that. .
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God!! (John 1:1)
So part of knowing God. .is knowing His word!?!
 How exciting it is to me. .
to be able to read and study enough. .
to finally have a good understanding of the concepts within those pages!!
 I SOOOO hope. .that you all are getting excited about this as well!!

We are moving into week 3!!
I’m feeling good about grasping onto some of the more difficult parts. .
and now. .I am in the mode of needing some words/concepts defined. .
Stay tuned for that. .

One more thing I discovered recently. .
now, understand. .I am a bit of a technological RETARD. .
As I was pondering all the new cool things my new Christmas gift will be able to do
(did I mention earlier that I ordered a Kindle for myself?). .
reading, audio books, cool apps, etc. .
I got stuck on the concept of audio books. .
and remembered that someone once said that they would rather listen to the bible than read it. .
so with my little ipod. .
I ‘searched up’ (as Devin would say) audio bible. .
Can you even believe. .
that there were so many free apps, I didn’t even check them all out!!
 I promptly downloaded one. .
and listened to Galatians twice over the weekend (my kitchen is eerily quiet if I am doing dishes!!)
AND, it was much nicer to have the Word going into my head, than leaving myself to the distracted little self-talks that occur when I am too tired to take my thoughts captive and make them productive!
 I encourage you. .if you have the capabilities. .to try that!!
It wasn’t all boring and monotone like I expected it would be!!
It was refreshing! 
Anywho. .Here’s a shorty for you. .
Though, I did a lot of research on the Jerusalem Council over the last week. .
as you may have noticed. .
I am a firm believer in learning Scripture. .
BY Scripture. .
and so, take some time to read Acts 15 this week. .
It is actually the overview of that 1st Council of leaders in the church. .
The outcome of this first council was this. .
the council established the answer to the most vital doctrinal question of all: “What must a person do to be saved?”
The apostles. .and elders DEFIED efforts to impose legalism and ritualism as necessary prerequisites for salvation (being thrust on the people by the Judiazers). They FOREVER affirmed that salvation is totally by GRACE (something we don’t deserve) by FAITH (belief, trust, and loyalty) in Christ ALONE!
How this Council affects our reading in the book of Galatians though, I believe, is this. .
God gave Paul the revelation that he should go and take part. .
no one suggested it to Paul. .
no one sent for him to come. .
no one insisted that they listen to his version of the doctrine to be sure he was teaching what they wanted him to teach. .
God revealed to Paul that he should go (2:2).
Paul shared with the other apostles and elders the gospel that he had been preaching. .
Personally, I think Paul did that to affirm what God taught him. .
not that he necessarily DISBELIEVED what he was taught by God. .
but I wonder. .having NEVER spoken to another person about what he was teaching and not having that human acknowledgement that he was on the right road. .
if Satan wasn’t playing mind games with him a little bit??
You have to remember. .Paul didn’t have authoritative humans to easily corroborate with. .

I wonder if, at any time he just started to DOUBT what he was saying?
To make sure he was not “running in vain” ESV or making sure they were all “in agreement for fear that his efforts had been wasted” NLT.
Take that with a grain of salt (mostly because it is my personal thoughts, unsubstantiated by the bible). .
because the MAIN point is. .
The others there supported Paul’s efforts. .
and more importantly still. .
was that they had seen that Paul had been ENTRUSTED WITH THE GOSPEL BY GOD!!  (2:7) .
And finally. .
those pillars of the church. .
James, Peter (or Cephas as some bibles call Peter), and John. .
RECOGNIZED the work of God IN Paul. .
and accepted he and Barnabas as their fellow workers in Christ.
An article shared by one of the ladies in our bible study last month was very informative.
Take a peak here if you are interested. .
FOR SURE, though. .
skip over to Acts 15 and read the account of that Council in Jerusalem for yourself.
This week. .
with your notebooks handy. .
Read Galatians. .
with an intent of getting your marching orders from the Lord. .
What DOES He expect from us. .
as faithful believers in Christ??
Remember. .that the 4th week. .
we will be figuring out what changes we need to make in our lives. .
to be DOERS of the word. .rather than HEARERS only. .
Luke tells us twice in his gospel to take God’s word and LIVE it. .

BLESSED are those that hear the word of God and keep it (Luke 11:28) and My mother and brothers are those who hear God’s word and put it into practice (8:21)

Have a GREAT week!!



  1. I was born a Duer(pronounced just like your assignment word "doer"). Just a little funny word play about me.
    I feel that right now, I am doing what the Lord has assigned to me. I am learning, albeit slowly, to read His word. I will continue to read, to ponder, & probably never get to the "level" of expertise that you have.
    I will probably have different interpretations, based on my life experiences. BUT...I am reading, I am thinking, I am moving to show others, through actions as much as possible, & without words & speech (from 1 John:18) & without judgment of others.
    It's not my place to judge other's hearts...but if I can SHOW just one person what God's love can do, then I will feel that I am doing what God has signed me up to do.
    I know I'm way, way behind on Biblical history, & I tend to get lost in that history. But, in time, I'll get there. I have a lot of years of just being on cruise control in my faith. I'm slowly adding fuel to my "trip", by reading more of His word.
    Thank you for getting me started. I read your blog, I read the Bible as assigned, but will probably not ever be able to jump in with intellegent discussion.
    Have a blessed day. I am traveling to Kansas City today for a seminar on high tech communications as part of my further education for my volunteer job as Public Information Officer for Comanche County Emergency Management & also for the County health Dept...
    Lots of drive time for private conversations with God.

  2. Cindy. .I would NOT worry about how your bible study compares to any one else for sure!! As long as you are moving forward. .and are looking to God for guidance. .He WON'T let you down!! As I study Romans this month for your study next month. .I had an opportunity to study spiritual gifts briefly. .and was reminded. .that EACH of us. .have our OWN job to perform for God. .and my job isn't the same as your job which isn't the same as our neighbors job. .As you keep studying, and reading, and learning. .God will put those opportunities for you to serve Him right into your path!! All this study, is so that we know what He wants from us, to know what He has told us, and to prepare us to serve in the capacity in which He created for us! You jump into our conversation in whatever manner you are led. .without fear of being wrong or judged!! Thanks for sharing your heart. .and keep showing those in your path. .the light of Jesus!!