Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Week 2. .Fast Fact Wednesday

In our email bible study of 1 John last month. .
Several of the ladies touched on the repetition of themes in 1 John. .
and I agree. .
I believe that John wanted us to HEAR that. .
You might also take note that he seemed to say the same thing. .
but in a slightly different way each time. .
for different learners??
Or just to make sure they clearly understood the importance of what God wanted them to know through John’s letter. .
They also mentioned how much their culture was like ours!!
They were caught up in the worldly things. .
and were losing sight of God and the gift of a risen Savior to them. .

I believe that as we continue to move through our next 3 books this fall, that we will continue to be impressed at how much the same we all are. .
cultures are different. .
but PEOPLE are NOT!!!  

I DID want to include a 4 minute optional extracurricular activity today. .
L-O-V-E music!!
 I have phased out of most other genres except for Christian as of this time. .
The lyrics in most other music just repulses me anymore (I guess a good sign that I am starting to hate the world and its view!)
 On vacation we listened to 2 of my favorite songs from a week with my grandparents at the pool each summer growing up. .
and my BOYS were like. .
MOM. .
Grandma LET you listen to those songs?!?
The lyrics are TERRIBLE!!
And they were. .
but I still loved the tunes. .I digress!!
ANYWAY. .One of the songs that I had been practicing for church totally saturated my heart. .
  It really goes along with our theme of the week. .
WHO is GOD! 
Take a few minutes to listen to this Addison Road song called. .
What do I know of holy!! Even if you KNOW it. .
seek this video out. .
the words are scrolling on the screen. .
THINK about what she is singing!!
It will make your day!! 

Also take some time this week. .
to read through
Isaiah 40:12-31 to get one of the best narratives on WHO God REALLY says He is!!

Anyone interested. .flip back a comment to all answering this FAST FACT about YOURSELF!! 

What is ONE little known fact about YOU. .
that maybe only your closest friends know. .
and maybe not even them!! Quirky or otherwise. .

GO. .

Melanie: For years. .my greatest aspiration in life. .was to work at DAIRY QUEEN. .so I could make ice cream cones like the ones on the commercials. .with the gentle little swirly loop at the top. .ahhhhh. .if only!!!

Have a GREAT day!!


  1. Thanks for sharing the Bible study things - am trying to catch up on blogs AGAIN. LOL Odd fact about me - I have a very technical mind and love to see how things work.

  2. I have so many "quirks" it's hard to pick just 1. So...when I am nearing the end of a book, a crochet or knit project, or an order at my shop, I have to complete it, now, like an obsessed person! Regardless of time. Goes with my addictive personality.

  3. One day, when I was just a little girl, my sister told me the sirens we heard were coming to get me. Every time from then on, when I heard a siren, I would run and hide in my closet terrified that I was going to jail. I don't remember how old I was when I finally realized they weren't after me... I think of that when I hear a siren now days.. Shameful sister!!! She passed away in '06.. I wish I had my ornery sister back~

  4. are getting pretty personal...:)...I am TERRIFIED, like feel like I am going to puke, heart palpitating, white knuckle, hyperventilating...going to die right this second...AFRAID of HORSES....the county fair is NOT my happy place....YET deep deep in my soul I would really like to ride one and learn to LOVE it...they are so beautiful and I love boots and western attire ( laugh ) Spurs drive me over the edge in the house or the bank...FEAR is more powerful than the COURAGE it would take to put my foot in a stirrup....

  5. I LOVE it!! It's fun to learn a little bit about each other too!! And sometimes I think that being able to break down our walls of privacy. .and having-it-all-together. .makes us more useable to God. .by teaching us to relate!! So thank you, THANK you for sharing!! And Robin, you have no idea how personal we will get in a few weeks :-) Pray for COURAGE!!