Monday, October 14, 2013

1 John. .Week 3. .Assignment

Hey everyone. .
Well. .we are half way through 1 John!! 
I hope you are still getting insight into the scriptures.
It seemed like the third week just REALLY started cooking for me!
And, by then. .
I had started discovering 1 John in multiple other places. .
music, conversations, sermons, and even the Beth Moore simulcast that I attended in September! (which, by the way was P-H-E-N-O-M-E-N-A-L!! If ever you have the opportunity to sit under her teaching. .you will NOT be sorry!! A gifted and devoted teacher if I have ever seen one!)

I find myself knowing exactly the scriptures being referred to. .
the words written by John were being written into who I am. .
and I hope that you are finding the same thing happening in your own life!!
Because THAT. .
Here is a little recap and a fast forward. .
Week 1 we enjoyed just getting to know what John was writing. .and seeing how our hearts were being affected by it. .
Week 2 we went looking for God in those same passages as well as the little extracurricular journey to find God in Isaiah and Job. .
Week 3 you will need your notebook again. This week. .I would like you to read through 1 John looking for What God expects US to do as His followers.  Don’t panic. .
This. Is. Not. Hard!!
 For example 1 John 4:21. .
We MUST love our Christian brothers and sisters. 
 See. .easy!!
 Much like you hopefully did last week. .
make a list. .
 God wants ME to. . .
then list out the things Christians, like us, are supposed to be working on improving in our lives. 
(I would put it in terms of “I” rather than “WE” or “THEY”. .I is MUCH more personal!)

Again, I would encourage you to list the chapter and verse to the side, which will make conversing easier at the end of the week.

 Last week, I made a list of attributes the first night I read through the book. .
and then I resumed reading the book in different translations.  The notebook didn’t really get used again (for that aspect) again that week. .
you may be doing the same, or doing it differently.
The notebook should be serving as your “study guide” as we go along. .
and would also be a good place to make any notes or list concepts or verses that you just aren’t understanding. .
Week 4 will be tying into to week 3.
 I thought it would be good to give you a heads up so you can consider this over the next week as well. 
James 1:22 tells us this. .
But be DOERS of the word, and not HEARERS only, deceiving yourselves.
23-27 goes on to talk about it more if you would like to look for yourselves. .
This has been something that I have really been working with in my own life over the last 2-3 years. .
and I think it will be very convicting for us when we study the book of James in January. .

For now. .
we will make it apply to our bible studies in this way. .
Week 4 will be perhaps a little lighter on the reading of 1 John. .
and more time spent in prayer for what we have learned. .
and reflecting on WHAT we are supposed to do with the words we learned in 1 John. .
In essence. .
Our discussion in week 4 will be including some writings by each of us. .
on what the knowledge of 1 John CHANGED in OUR lives. .
I hope that doesn’t sound scary or painful to anyone. .
The purpose of studying the bible SHOULD be. .
to learn what God wants from US. .
and what He promises TO us. .
and how all that works together. .

So if we are reading. .
and studying. .
but not allowing God to change our lives THROUGH that. .
Friends, we are wasting our time!! 
So over the next two weeks. .
we will be changing our mindsets
(maybe. .maybe you are already all over this concept. .AWESOME)
to learn how to go from a HEARER. .
to a DOER!!
And trust me when I say. .
we have to LEARN that. .
it is NOT. .
N-O-T. .
a human instinct!!

As we start thinking this way when we study. .
and we take steps to make changes in our lives. .
it will be easier. .
and JOYOUS!!
And, pleasing to God as we become what He planned for us to become in the first place!!
So. .
if you would like to continue reading 1 John in different translations. .
have at it!!
I have found, that each different version I read. .
SOMETHING different becomes a little clearer to my head each time!

I have a few more little things that I want to throw out there this week. .
If there is anything more I could do for any of you to help facilitate a good bible study for YOU. .
please. .
PLEASE let me know!!

Have a great week!. .
And stay tuned. .
another fun Fast Fact coming your way soon!!


  1. OK I am a poor student...I am a little we start over at the beginning of 1 John each week or are we on chapter 3 or where are we exactly....I am reading and reading...but not sure if I am reading the right hung low...

  2. Oh. .I AM sorry!! I may not have made myself clear enough. .apologies for that!! Please read the book of 1 John. .all 5 chapters. .as many times as you can each week. .It will be VERY repetitive. .but I can't even begin to tell you how much I have learned by doing that!! By the 3rd week, I seem to be over the hump of repetition. .and start finding new understanding and it has started becoming engrained into my heart and mind!! Depending on how much time you spend during the week. .you might read it 2-3 times in the course of a week. .or you might read it once every day. .for a total of some 35 readings of it by the end of the month. .THANK YOU. .for bringing that up!!

  3. Back to being an A student...I was doing it right after all...IT is so hard to LOVE others when they are not as OCD organized as me.....ha...THAT is my TEST this week...I am a do-er not a stand-around-wondering-what-to-do-and-hoping-someone-else-will-do=it.......kind of person...God wants me to learn to love for who THEY are.....eek